Thursday, July 9, 2009

Chapter Two;

 “We're here.” Emily announced moments later. She parked the car in the lot near the entrance to Dave & Busters. The guys were sure to be inside already partying it up and probably having some drinks, except for Jordan that is.
 “Bout time!” Lauren said as she nearly jumped out of the car. It was obvious she was excited to see Tyler. The smile on her face showed it.
 “Hold your horses,” Emily laughed as she took the keys out of the ignition and placed them in her purse along with her cell phone.
The two girls made their way towards the entrance of the building, stopping when they got to the door.
 “Okay, do I look alright?” Emily asked, making sure she was prepared to go inside.
 “Perfect,” Lauren smiled, “and me?”
 “Of course!” Her sister replied and opened the door.
They walked through the entrance and headed back to the party room. That's where the club-like atmosphere was, and so were their friends.
 “Em, Laur!” The two girls turned to see Max Talbot smiling at them from across the dance floor. He tried to make his way through all of the people who were partying as Flo Rida's Low blasted through the speakers.
 “Max!” Emily hugged him when he finally got over to them.
 “Aren't you two looking sexy tonight.” He said, eyeing them up playfully.
 “You're looking mighty fine yourself, stud.” Emily winked at him with a laugh.
 “Thank you very much.” Max said, smiling back at her, “Oh, Lauren. TK was looking for you earlier. He's over at the bar.”
At the mention of Tyler's nickname, Lauren's face lit up. “Let's go over there, then!”
 “Alright.” Emily agreed and Lauren nearly dragged her over to where Tyler was seated along with Jordan, Eric, and Sidney. Tyler and Eric were each drinking a beer, while Sid and Jordan were empty handed.
 “Hey babe.” TK greeted his girlfriend with a kiss on the lips.
 “Awe!” The rest of the guys and Emily laughed.
 “Oh, shut up, eh.” Tyler laughed and directed his attention back to Lauren.
“So where are Kris and Geno?” Emily asked, noticing they weren't in the group at the moment.
 “Well Geno was with Feds when I last saw him,” Sid said, talking about Ruslan Fedotenko, but I haven't seen Tanger at all.”
 “Oh, okay.” She said, curious as to why Kris wasn't there. She pulled her cell phone out of her clutch and sent a quick text to him.

To: Tanger! :)
heyyy! Where r u?

A moment later her phone vibrated when he replied.

From: Tanger! :)
Bouch's. u?

So that's where he was. Philippe Boucher's house. Philippe was one of the older guys on the team, but one of Kris's closest friends of all the guys. He always seemed to be with him.

To: Tanger! :)
D & B's. aren't u coming? :(

 “Where's he at?” Eric Godard asked her, noticing that's who she was texting.
 “Boucher's house.” She replied with a disappointed tone to her voice. She didn't have to read the next message to know his response.

From: Tanger! :)
No, I'm sorry :( i 4 got about it.

A frown formed on Emily's face. She had really been looking forward to spending more time with him tonight. Secretly she had begun to develop a stronger liking for him than just a friend. She had been waiting for the perfect night to be able to tell him and was hoping that it would be tonight. So much for that and her good feeling.

To: Tanger! :)
It's ok. Ttyl I guess.

She hit send and put her phone back into her bag.
 “So, he' s not coming?” Jordan asked.
 “Nope. Figures.” Emily said a bit sourly.
 “Have a drink.” Eric offered with a grin. It was convincing due to the mood Emily was now in, so she took it.
 “Thanks.” She said and took a sip of the colorful alcoholic beverage she was handed. It was a bit strong, but sweet.
 “So, Jordy, where's Ash at tonight?” Lauren asked once she was temporarily done smooching Tyler.  “She should be here any minute now.” Jordan replied. Ashley was not only his girlfriend, but also one of Emily' s best girl friends. They had known each other since kindergarten and were still close to this day. Emily had been the one that introduced her and Jordan, and eventually got them together as a couple.
 “Speak of the devil.” Eric chuckled and the rest of the group turned to look in the direction he was facing. Wearing a deep purple strapless dress and gold heels was none other than Ashley.
 “Ash!” Emily smiled and embraced her friend in a hug once she had entered their circle.
“Em!” She cheered back mid-hug. Once they parted she looked at her with a cocked eyebrow, “Have you been drinking?” She asked with a laugh.
 “Yepp.” Emily replied with a nod.
 “Cheers to that!” Ash shouted, getting a laugh out of Emily and the rest of the group.
 “You want something to drink, babe?” Jordan asked her with a smirk on his face.
 “You know it.” She giggled as he kissed her quickly on the lips.
 “Little Jordy here's just counting down the days till he can get himself a drink legally, ain't that right, eh?.” Sidney joked and gave Jordan a playfully shove.
 “Yeah man. September tenth, here I come!” He replied and got a laugh out of the rest.
With their drinks in hand, Emily and Ashley snaked off into their own private conversation a safe distance a way from the rest of the group.
 “So?” Ashley said as Emily took another sip out of her glass. She looked up from it with a confused look on her face.
 “So what?”
 “So, where's Kris?” Ashley asked, an excited smile on her face. She was the only one Emily had told about her crush on Kris. Considering she wouldn't act like the rest would about it, Emily trusted her the most and knew she'd be supportive.
 “Not here.” Emily replied and took another drink.
 “Oh, well when he gets here…”
 “He's not coming.” Emily cut her off bitterly. A frown formed on her face.
 “Well that's lame!” Ashley shouted. Em just nodded in agreement. “Hey, don't let this ruin your night. You came here to have some fun. Relax. Party. And if he doesn't find it convenient enough for him to come spend some time with you, maybe you should spend some time with someone else.” Ashley winked with a smirk.
The alcohol was beginning to kick in and Ashley's plan was sounding like a good one. “You know what? You're right.” Emily realized as she thought more and more about it. “I will relax and I will party. And you know what else?”
 “What?” Ashley asked. It was obvious she was pleased with how well her pep talk seemed to be working.
 “I will spend some time with someone else. Whether Kris cares or not!” She said and downed the last of the concoction in her glass.
 “That's the spirit!” Ash replied and threw her arm around her newly inspired friend's shoulder, “Now let's go shake our asses on the dance floor and find you a man to par-tay with!
 “Oh yes!” Emily yelled and the two laughed their way to the center of the floor. When they got there, Blame It by Jamie Foxx was playing. They danced and laughed and looked good doing it. Ironically, you could blame it on the alcohol.
Emily for one didn't drink very often, but when she did, she did become more bubbly and giddy. That was more of a good thing than bad. This way she was happy and enjoyed herself while still being sober enough to know what was going on.
The two girls danced till the song was over and continued as a remix to Katy Perry's I Kissed A Girl came on next. They were beginning to notice they were being watched. Watched by a lot of cute guys.
 “Oooh! Look at that guy checking you out!” Ashley pointed out a tall dark haired guy who had his eyes all over Emily.
 “Oh yeah?” Emily smiled and then laughed as she noticed someone eyeing up her dance partner, “Check out Blondie over there.”
Ashley turned to see the guy Emily was talking about from across the room. He smiled at her and she turned back around quickly with a laugh. “Oh my god! He winked at me!” She shrieked with a laugh.
 “Jordy'll be pissed!” Emily cracked up thinking about it.
“Ha! So, you see anyone you like?” Ashley asked as she looked around at the possible choices.
 “I don't know…” Em trailed off as she looked over all the guys on the floor. There were some cute ones. Some that looked like they would be nice. But none of them really caught her eye.
Just then the song was slowing to an end, getting ready for a new one to blast through the speakers. It started remotely slow, but Emily's heart began to beat a bit faster as it did. The song was familiar to her.

I gotta feeling…

It was the song from in the car, Emily realized as she looked around the room but was really staring into space.

That tonight's gonna be a good night,
That tonight's gonna be a good night,
That tonight's gonna be a good, good night,
I feel it …

 “Well?” Ashley asked, bringing Emily back to reality.
 “Do you see anyone you like?” she repeated with a hopeful smile.
 “Oh,” Emily started to say as she slowly spun around to get a final look,

That tonight's gonna be a good night,
That tonight's gonna be a good night,
That tonight's gonna be a good, good night,

 “No, not rea…”
And that's when she saw him.

I feel it…

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