Sunday, July 19, 2009

Chapter Eight;

It was a little after nine now. Kris and Emily had spent the last couple of hours watching the movie Hot Rod, twice. For the first viewing they watched it in silence, besides occasional laughter. The second time, was for reciting nearly every line of the movie while it was happening. It was something the two of them had became rather good at since they did the routine every time they watched it together. It was their favorite movie.
 “That movie is the definition of cool.” Emily said when it was over. Her and Kris were sitting together on the couch, covered in a soft burgundy colored blanket since it was rather cold. It was January after all.
 “Of course it’s cool. It’s awesome as shit.” Kris said, quoting the movie and making Emily laugh. He loved doing that.
 “Hey, do you want to see something really pretty?” Emily asked him suddenly.
 “I’m already looking at the most beautiful thing in the world.” He said, looking into her eyes. She smiled at him.
 “Well, thank you but seriously. Do you want to?” She asked him, excited to see it herself.
 “Sure.” He said and Emily got up off of the couch and out of Kris’s arms. “I changed my mind.” He joked, not wanting to let her go.
 “Too late.” She smirked and held her hand out for him to grab. “Come on.”
 “Fine.” He said with a smile on his face and grabbed her hand, letting her pull him up.
 “Grab your jacket and put on your shoes.” She instructed as she got her own coat off of the hook.
 “Where are we going?” Kris asked curiously.
 “You’ll see.” Emily told him and led him into her room. He followed her in and as she put on her chocolate Uggs, he noticed what she was planning on showing him. There was a glass sliding door that was hidden behind deep blue curtains that matched her bedspread. She pushed them aside and opened the door to her personal veranda. The air outside was cold and crisp as they stepped out on to the rather large balcony. There was a layer of fresh snow on the ground and small white flakes were starting to fall again.
 “Over here,” Emily said and led him to the far left side of it and motioned to the view, “Isn’t it beautiful?”
 “Wow.” Kris said as he looked where she told him to. There was a good view of the city and all it’s night lights. The snow that covered everything shimmered from the light of the buildings, making the already gorgeous scene even better. Winter was a beautiful season.
 “I love coming out here on nights when it snows like this. It’s peaceful.” Emily said, her eyes focused off in the distance as she leaned against the railing of the balcony.
 “I bet. It’s incredible.” Kris’s eyes were fixed on her.
 “Yeah, it is.” Emily agreed, still looking out. “I just wish it wasn’t so cold.” She said and shivered as the wind blew.
Kris wrapped his arm around her and held her close. “Is that any better?” He asked with a smile.
 “Much.” She replied, looking at him now.
 “Good.” He said. The two of them were silent as the snowflakes danced around them in the night air. They were just looking at each other, not saying anything. Just studying each other’s faces and expressions, wondering what the other was thinking.
 “Would it be wrong,” Emily finally said, her voice quiet, “for me to want to kiss you again?”
 “Only if it’s wrong for me to want to kiss you too.” He said as he took her face in his hand and pulled her closer. He gently placed his lips on hers, kissing her softly. It was like a scene out of a movie, as the snow began to fall a little harder.
When they parted after the few second long kiss, Emily looked down at her feet. Kris could tell she felt bad for doing it and even worse for enjoying it.
 “The way I look at it,” He started to say, in attempt to make her feel better, “is that it’s just one night. No one ever has to know.”
 “Okay.” Emily said, nodding her head.
 “Okay.” Kris replied. He held both of her hands in his, keeping them warm.
 “Do you wanna go inside?” Emily asked him.
 “Yeah, good idea.” He said taking a final look at the incredible view and then following her inside. They took off their coats and shoes once they were back in Emily’s room and got ready to go to sleep sometime in the next few hours. Kris couldn’t be tired for his game tomorrow and they had to get up early.

Back at Kris’s apartment, the lights and television were still on, but Max was completely out. He had fallen asleep waiting for Kris to get back. He was sitting on the couch, his feet kicked up on the coffee table, and his mouth wide open. His snores competed with the man on the TV for who could be the loudest. Max was winning.

Leah and Lauren just finished up watching the movie Taken. They both figured that they should get some sleep so they wouldn’t be tired the next day for the game. They had on their pajamas and each had a spot to sleep on Leah’s two couches.
 “Are you tired?” Lauren asked her friend as she yawned herself.
 “Yeah kinda.” Leah replied in a sleepy voice. “Are you?”
 “Yeah.” Lauren answered, “We should probably go to sleep now so we can wake up early tomorrow and meet up with Tyler before the game.”
 “Good idea.” Leah said, hoping that she’d be able to see Max too.
 “Okay, goodnight then.” Lauren laughed groggily.
 “Night.” Leah said and within a matter of minutes the two of them were fast asleep.


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