Saturday, October 24, 2009

Chapter Twenty Two;

“We’re in Miami, bitches!” Jordan exclaimed once they stepped off of the plane and into the Floridian sun.
 “It’s so pretty!” Ashley said as she scanned the palm trees in the distance. She was holding Jordan’s hand as they walked down the plane’s stairs.
 “And hot! It’s gotta be like 100 degrees out here!” Lauren said as her and Tyler walked out next.
 “Not quite,” TK chuckled, “More like 80. You’re just used to the freezing cold up north.”
 “If you say so.” Lauren laughed.
Max came out next, followed by Emily, Geno, and Leah. “Time to par-tay the day away!” He shouted enthusiastically.
 “Don’t par-tay too hard,” Sidney interjected, “We all gotta be our best for the game tomorrow.”
 “Leave it to El Capitan to crush our party high!” Jordan gave a teasing death glare to their captain.
 “He’s right, though, Jordy.” Mario pointed out, “You boys can have a good time on this trip, but the main reason you’re here is to play your game.”
 “We hear ya, Mario.” Tyler assured him. He had his arm around Lauren and a smile was on his face. Mario chuckled to himself and placed his hands on Emily’s and Ashlen’s shoulders.
 “You girls keep them in line. Can’t trust a word out of their mouths.” He laughed.
 “Will do.” Ashlen promised, throwing a wink over at Sid as she did so.

They were all at the hotel they would be staying at while in Miami now. They were finding out where their rooms would be and who they’d be rooming with. Technically, the girls weren’t allowed to sleep in the same room as any of the guys, but there was a good chance that rule would end up being broken. The girls’ supposed arrangements had Lauren and Leah in one room and Emily, Ashley, and Ashlen in another. In the same hallway was Jordan and Tyler, Geno and Max, Sidney and Marc-Andre, Eric and Chris, and Kris and Philippe. The rest of the guys were either a floor up or down from the rest of them.
 “Dudes,” Jordan announced to the whole team while they were mostly still in the lobby, “Massive pool party in 10 minutes!”
 “Race ya to our rooms?” Ashley challenged him with a smirk on her peppy face.
 “Oh, it’s on!” Jordy shot back and the two of them took off, Ashley urging the elevator to hurry up while Jordan went for the stair case. Note, they had to carry their luggage with them to the 7th floor. As long as no one stopped the elevator for any reason, there was a good chance Ash would take the win.
 “How adorable are they?” Ashlen laughed, leaning on Sidney.
He chuckled, “If by adorable you mean crazy hyper and slightly insane, then very.”
 “Ha, I guess that’s what happens when they get the extra hours of sleep the whole plane ride.” Ash shrugged.
 “Must be. But no amount of sleep could top our kickass Socom skills.” Sid added with a smile.
 “No doubt about that. We make a great team.” Ashlen said, looking up into Sid’s eyes.
 “We sure do.” He agreed. They’re faces got closer until their lips finally met. They were both smiling when they separated.
 “So, you wanna crash Jordy’s pool party?” Ashlen asked him, lacing their fingers together as they walked towards the elevator to head upstairs.
 “As long as I’m with you, I’ll do anything.” Sid said and Ashlen smiled.
 “I’ll take that as a yes.”

 “Looks like we’re roomies, eh Geno?” Max smiled friendlily at him. Geno nodded back at him.
 “Yup.” He said simply. His attention was more towards Emily than anything else. Though she looked a bit tired and slightly unkempt from the flight, through his eyes she looked like a goddess who only got more beautiful the more he stared at her.
Emily half smiled up at him. “You wanna go out to the pool or something?” She asked, not sounding totally thrilled to be there.
 “Yeah.” Evgeni replied, nodding his head and smiling at her.
 “Hey guys,” Max suddenly cut in, holding up a light blue colored flyer, which he got from the front desk, with bold black letters printed on the top, “Check this out.”
 “Floridian Friday Fest.” Emily read aloud. “What’s that?”
 “Well,” Max started to explain, “It says here that it’s a fun way to spend a Friday. They’ve got free food, fine art, fortune telling, funky music, face painting, fair rides, fireworks, and a bunch of other fun stuff that starts with the letter F.”
 “How delightfully cheesy.” Emily chuckled at the corny sounding festival.
 “I say we should check it out after the game tomorrow.” Max said, curious as to what it would be like.
 “I’m in.” Geno shrugged, agreeing with Max. The two guys were both looking at Emily now with hopeful grins on their faces, as if she were the deciding vote on whether they’d be able to go or not. She smiled at them.
 “Okay, count me in too.” She told them and their smiles grew.
 “Saa-weet!” Max fist pumped elatedly. “Now let’s go party in the pool!”

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Chapter Twenty One;

The bus ride was relatively short and for the most part, quiet. It was still early so the guys, and girls, were still calm from being tired. It wasn’t until they got on the Penguins’ jet that they woke up a bit more and were more talkative. Most of them at least.
Jordan and Ashley were sleeping, her head resting on his shoulder. Leah, Lauren, and Tyler were playing cards with Eric, Craig, Chris and a couple other guys. Kris was seated as far away from Emily and Geno as he could be, along with Philippe who he was talking to about all of what he had missed. Ashlen, Sidney, Max, and Marc-Andre were in the middle of an intense game of Socom on their PSPs. And Geno and Emily were in the seats right behind them, talking.
 “Are you sure you’re gonna be alright?” Evgeni asked her for the tenth time. She told him she wasn’t feeling well, which wasn’t totally a lie considering she did feel a little sick to her stomach and upset about how Kris reacted, and now he was continuously asking her if she was okay. He wanted her to have a good time on the trip, and he felt bad for starting it off on a bad note.
 “Yeah, I think so. It’s probably just a cold. The warm weather will do me good.” Emily told him. She was leaning on his shoulder, wanting to drift off to sleep and not wake up until Monday.
 “Good.” He told her, running his hand through her hair gently, “Did I mention that I was sorry?”
 “Only like a hundred times.” She smiled.
 “Well, make it a hundred and one. I’m sorry for acting like such a jerk. You can’t blame me for worrying about you and getting jealous, though. You’re my girl and you’re beautiful and smart and perfect. I couldn’t help but wanna kill Max for being with you instead of me.” He said, holding her hand in his own. She wanted to smile and be happy he was being so sweet about it, but she couldn’t. She had told him that her and Max were only talking about getting him together with Leah. That way Geno would know Max and her weren’t a couple since he liked Leah, she didn’t like him anymore than a friend since she was helping hook him up with Leah, and he wouldn’t know what else they had really been talking about. Plus, he couldn’t get mad when they talked in the future. It all worked out, but she still felt bad that he was the one doing all the apologizing and feeling bad about what he did, when it should really of been her.
 “Thank you, Geno. But please stop apologizing. It’s not a big deal, and I already forgave you.” Emily said, trying to get herself to sound more happy than she was feeling.
 “I know, I know. I’ll stop now, sorry.” He said without thinking, then caught himself, “Whoops. That was the last time, I swear.”
Emily smiled at him, “Okay, good.”
 “HA! Killed you!!” Max cheered, pointing at Sidney with a smile on his face, then high-fived Fleury. They obviously won the game.
 “Lucky shot! Rematch! Me and Ash will get ya this time!” Sidney shot back.
 “Nah I need a little break,” Max started to say. He turned around to face Geno. “Why don’t you take my spot for a round?”
Geno looked at Emily, as if asking for permission.
 “Yeah, go ahead.” She insisted. This way she’d get to tell Max about what Kris said to her.
Max handed Geno his psp with a smile. They had worked things out, kinda. Geno accepted it and got into the game, teaming up with Fleury to take Sid and Ashlen down.
 “Fran├žais?” Max asked Emily.
 “Oui.” She said and nodded. Since they both knew French, they figured it would be the safest and easiest way to talk about Kris while Geno was around.
 “So what did he say?” Max asked her in French.
 “Basically that he loves me but I’m a slutty bitch and he doesn’t want to talk to me until Monday.” She replied.
 “I believe the first part, but there’s no way in hell that he called you that.”
 “He didn’t have to. He obviously thinks it, and from his perspective I have been one.”
 “But you’re not one. And he really said he doesn’t wanna talk to you till then?”
 “Yepp. He claims he needs to relax without me for a few days. I don’t blame him, though. He should be mad at me. I’m mad at myself.”
 “Why are you mad at yourself?”
 “Because I was dumb enough to do something to give him a reason to be mad at me.”
 “Listen,” Max began, “He’s not the only one who needs to relax. You really need to chill out. Take this time that you’re not speaking to him to figure out what you really want.”
 “I already know what I really want. It’s what I’ve wanted all along.”
 “And that is?”

 “So you’re just going to ignore her?” Philippe asked Kris, who was getting sick of talking about it.
 “It’s not that I’m gonna ignore her,” He tried to explain, “We’re just not going to speak until she gets her priorities straight and figures out what she wants.”
 “So you think she’ll straighten everything out by Monday?” Philippe asked again.
 “That’s what I’m hoping for. And if I know her as well as I think I do, she will.” Kris replied, his voice sounding a little more sure than he actually felt.
He had felt awful making Emily upset earlier. No matter how bad she had hurt him, hurting her was even harder for him to deal with. But he felt he had to say those things to her to get her to realize that he was serious about her. Waiting around watching her and Geno be together wasn’t what he wanted. He loved her with all his might and he wanted to be with her more than anything. So if the only way to accomplish that was to stay clear of her for a few days, so be it. He also had been thinking about Eric’s happiness theory. If what he said was true, then maybe not thinking about Emily for the next few days would end up making him happier than ever. He hoped and prayed that Eric was right.

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