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Chapter Fourteen;

Day Four ;

The next morning Emily woke up at about 10. She got dressed and ready for the day and then walked out to find Lauren sitting at the kitchen table with a frown on her face.
 “What’s wrong?” Emily asked as she walked over to her sister.
 “We have nothing to eat.” Lauren said.
 “Well I was planning on going grocery shopping sometime soon. I guess today would be a good day. There’s nothing else to do.”
 “We should invite the guys too! They don’t have practice until tonight.” Lauren added excitedly.
 “Invite them grocery shopping?” Emily asked, thinking how boring the task is and doubting they would want to go.
 “Yeah, they’d make it fun!” Lauren said as she sent Tyler a text asking him to come.
 “I guess that’s true.” Emily shrugged and texted Ashley telling her to bring Jordan and meet them at Walmart.
 “I’ll tell Max to come.” Lauren said as she texted him.
 “Is Leah gonna be able to come?” Emily asked, more for Max than for herself.
 “No she’s working today.” Lauren replied, oblivious as to why she had asked.
 “Oh okay.” Emily said. She was hoping she’d be able to start helping Max and Leah get closer soon, but today just wasn’t gonna be the day for that. She texted Geno and told him about the plans to all meet up, and wondered whether or not inviting Kris was a good idea. After a minute of thought she decided to invite him too. He was her best friend after all, and Geno would have to respect that.

Everyone that was invited showed up to Walmart at around noon. It was Emily, Lauren, Ashley, Jordan, Tyler, Geno, Max, and Kris. Sidney opted not to go because, one; he didn’t feel like getting noticed by a bunch of random Pens fans, and two; he was too distracted with texting Ashlen.
 “Wow, party at Walmart! We’re cool!” Ashley exclaimed as they all walked inside.
 “Yes we are.” Emily agreed, even though her friend was being sarcastic. It wasn’t very crowded inside the big store, but there was a fair amount of people. “Laur, you and TK go get some food.” She instructed her sister and pushed a cart to her.
 “Okay.” Lauren agreed and her and Tyler went off on their own to shop.
 “And what do we do?” Max asked. He was disappointed when he found out Leah wasn’t coming, but tried not to show it.
 “Have fun!” Emily and Ashley laughed.
 “How do you intend on doing that?” Jordan asked them.
 “Trust me, there are a million fun things you can do here. You just gotta be wild and crazy and just mess around.” Ashley replied, grabbing a hold of his hand. “Come on.”
Emily grabbed Geno’s hand the way Ashley had and the two girls led the guys back where the kids toys and stuff were.
 “Oooh! Check it out!” Ashley exclaimed as she found a karaoke machine. She grabbed the microphone and sang into it. “I’m hot! You’re cold! You go around, like you know! Who I am! La la la!”
 “American Idol!” Emily laughed at her friend who couldn’t even remember the words to the song and sang it dramatically.
 “You know it!” Ashley laughed.
 “My turn!” Max yelled and grabbed the mic and started to sing the first thing that came to his head, “He was a skater boy, she said see ya later boy, he wasn’t good enough for her!”
 “Wow you’re awful!” Jordan laughed.
 “Like you could do better.” Max shook his head comically.
 “I’m pretty sure anyone could do better.” Kris joked and Max just smirked at him.
 “You wanna give it a go, Tanger?” He asked with a chuckle.
 “I’ll pass.” He replied.
 “Suit yourself.”

Meanwhile, Tyler and Lauren were over in the food isles filling up their cart.
 “This looks good.” Lauren commented as she threw a box of cereal into the shopping cart.
 “What do you think the rest of them are doing?” Tyler asked her as he pushed the cart along side her as they walked.
 “I don’t know. They’re probably messing around.” She said, rolling her eyes.
 “True.” He agreed.

 “Marco!” Max called out, eyes closed and arms out in front of him.
 “Polo!” The rest of them yelled back laughing. Max tried to go in the direction he heard their voices without much luck. He kept running into the shelves.
 “Marco!” He yelled again.
 “Polly!” Ashley said back.
 “Babe, it’s Polo.” Jordan told her with a laugh.
 “She never seemed to get that.” Emily shook her head at the memories.
 “Where are you guys?! Marco!” Max asked as the rest of them hid behind a random display.
As he walked out of the isle he was in, he ran right into an old man.
 “Oh, sorry sir!” Max apologized, opening his eyes. The man just glared and walked away slowly. They all laughed at him.
 “Wow you suck.” Jordan told him with a smile.
 “Whatever. New game!” Max said, sick of playing Marco Polo.
 “Let’s do piggy back rides!” Ashley suggested.
 “Hop on, babe.” Jordan said letting her on his back. Geno did the same for Emily who laughed as she wrapped her arms around his neck to hold on. It made Kris jealous.
 “Looks like I’m riding you, buddy.” Max smirked at Kris, who wasn’t too fond of the idea.
 “No way.” He said, crossing his arms.
 “Come on, Kris.” Emily begged him. He couldn’t say no to that.
 “Ugh, fine.” He sighed and Max jumped on his back.
 “Giddy up!” Max yelled, drawing a bit of attention to them.
 “I’ll drop you.” Kris threatened him.
 “I feel so tall!” Ashley laughed.
 “I know, right?” Emily agreed. Both Jordan and Geno were at least 6 foot 3, so being on their backs put them pretty high up.
 “This is ridiculous. Get off of me.” Kris told Max after they received a few dirty looks from other shoppers.
 “You’re no fun!” Max complained as Kris let him fall to the ground, landing on his feet.
All six of them walked over to where the sports equipment was. Ashley and Emily, who were still on Jordan and Evgeni’s backs, got down off of them.
Max noticed the hockey stuff and smiled. “Dude we’re playing.” He said and grabbed a stick.
 “I call Ash and Tanger.” Jordan said, picking his team and grabbed himself a stick.
 “Alright. Ends of the isle is the goal.” Max told everyone.
 “Kris you be goalie.” Ashley told him and he agreed.
 “Max, you too.” Emily instructed him. He nodded and got into his position. Jordan found a bright orange street hockey puck and got ready to drop it.
 “Let the game begin!”

 “Which one, Scooby Doo or Spiderman?” Lauren asked Tyler, holding up two boxes of shaped macaroni. Tyler chuckled.
 “That’s a real tough one.” He said, putting his hand on his chin as if he were thinking hard about it.
 “Well, I suppose getting both wouldn’t hurt.” Lauren shrugged and dropped them in the cart.
 “Good idea.” TK smiled and put his arms around her waist and kissed her out of nowhere. Lauren giggled when they separated.
 “What was that for?” She asked smiling.
 “For being beautiful and wonderful and amazing.” Tyler smiled back.
 “Awe!” Lauren exclaimed at how romantic he was being and kissed him again.

 “Take that, bitches!” Jordan high-fived Ashley as he scored his first goal on Max.
 “You’re still down 5-2.” Geno pointed out.
 “Don’t ruin my moment!” Jordy glared at him and Ashley laughed.
 “Good shot, babe.” She told him.
 “Thank you!” He replied loudly.
 “Whatever, drop the puck so we can kick your asses some more!” Max said from his spot in the invisible goal net.
Emily and Ashley laughed as they took the face off. Emily won it and got it to Geno, who deked past Jordy easily and shot it past Kris.
 “What now, ho?” Emily laughed at Jordan, making Geno smile.
 “6-2. You wanna call it a game, Jordy?” Max asked him with a smirk.
 “Hell no! We’re coming back with a vengeance!” He replied, not giving up just yet.
 “Fine by me.” Max replied and got ready as Jordy and Geno went head to head for the face off.
Jordan took it and fired a shot as hard as he could towards Max. The puck tipped off of Geno’s stick and flew full speed high in the air out of the isle, knocking something over in the distance.
 “Oh shit!” Jordan said and quickly put his stick back with the rest of them. He grabbed Ashley’s hand and ran, with everyone else following and laughing the whole way to the beauty supplies area.
 “Dude, what did you hit?!” Kris asked Jordan as he laughed about it.
 “I don’t know! But I heard a crash!” He replied.
 “You better hope it wasn’t anything important. They got cameras in here, ya know.” Emily told him. Geno had his arms around her waist and was standing behind her.
 “It’s not a big deal. I bet no one even noticed.” Jordan said, shrugging. Just then, a couple of Walmart employees walked past the isle they were standing in.
 “Yeah, it was a hockey puck!” A middle aged man with a large grey mustache said to his coworker.
 “Those damn kids.” The other one said, shaking his head with disappointment.
Once the workers past their isle, they all burst out in laughter.
 “Yeah, Jordy. No one noticed.” Emily mocked him.
 “Well they don’t know it was us! They think it’s some kids!” He tried defending himself.
 “I don’t know about you guys, but I wanna know what he hit.” Ashley laughed.
 “Me too. Let’s go check it out before they get it cleaned up.” Max added and they all started walking out of the makeup isle towards where the puck seemed to have went. As they turned a corner, a huge puddle of water on the floor was an automatic sign of what Jordan hit.
 “Oh shit!” He exclaimed. On the floor in front of them was the remains of a large glass fish tank, broken in pieces with the little sea rocks and everything. Including the bright orange puck.
 “Oh my god! Jordan!” Ashley whisper yelled at him for causing the mess. She didn’t wanna be too obvious that it was him since a janitor had just come up near them. He had a mop to clean up some of the water, but it was a pretty big tank and the water was everywhere.
 “Excuse me, sir.” Emily said walking up to him, trying not to step on the glass. The man looked up from his moping. “Were there any fish in there when it broke?” She hadn’t noticed any fish on the ground, but was worried that they could’ve died because of them.
 “No, ma’am. They were getting ready to put some of them new ones in that there tank later though. Lucky they didn’t do it before those hooligans came along and did this here mess.” The old man said bitterly, shaking his head like he was ashamed.
 “Oh. Well I’m sure it was an accident.” Emily replied, thankful that no fish were harmed.
 “Accident, shmaccident. There ain’t no excuses for those demons. Break expensive stuff and then Ol’ Jimmy gotta get his mop out and clean it up? I don‘t think so, no ma‘am I don’t.” He said, referring to himself and pointing to the mop. Emily slowly backed away from him as he mumbled angrily to himself.
 “Sounds like Ol’ Jimmy’s pissed at you, Jordy.” Max laughed quietly, still standing near the destruction.
 “It’s not just my fault!” Jordan said. They all just looked at him with their arms crossed and eyebrows raised. “Okay, it was. But he doesn’t know it was so he can’t be mad at me.”
 “Don’t look now, but I think he just found out.” Kris said. They all turned to look in the direction he was. Ol’ Jimmy was looking at a picture another employee showed him with a furious look on his face. He looked up at Jordan and pointed at him.
 “You! Demon boy! You did this!” Jimmy yelled. Jordan’s eyes widened.
 “Run!” Ashley whispered and grabbed his hand. The six of them took off running through the random isles, not knowing whether the crazy old man was following them or not.

 “So where’s you guys’ game at tomorrow?” Lauren asked Tyler as they continued looking for food to get.
 “New York. Playing the Islanders.” He replied with a smile.
 “Easy win.” Lauren laughed.
 “I hope.” TK said, “It’s hard playing when I know you’re not there.”
 “Aw, well I’ll be watching the whole time.” She said. It was beginning to come to her attention how much more romantic and sweet Tyler was being lately. Not that she minded. She actually really liked his new ‘attitude’.
 “And I’ll be thinking of you the whole time.” He added.
 “No, you’ll be focusing on the game the whole time. And then once you win you’ll be thinking of me.” Lauren corrected him with a smile. He chuckled at how supportive she was of his hockey career. She didn’t like to interfere with his games and mess him up. She wanted him to do the absolute best he could and she didn’t want to stop him from doing that.
 “Whatever you say, babe.”

 “We’re screwed.” Max said. They were hiding out in the baby supplies isle near the back of the store. Max was pacing back and forth. Geno and Emily were sitting on the floor across from Jordan and Ashley.
 “He’ll never find us. It‘s a big store and he‘s got a mess to clean up. It‘ll take him hours.” Jordan said, sounding sure of himself.
 “I like how you don’t even care that you did that. I don‘t blame him for being mad.” Kris said, smirking down at Jordan.
 “Neither do I. You’re lucky there weren’t any fish in there or else I woulda beat you myself.” Emily told him.
 “Whatever.” Jordan replied, not having anything else to say.
 “Kris, sit.” Emily told him, pointing to a spot next to her. He seemed uncomfortable with her and Geno being together, and she wanted him to be able to relax and not think about it.
Kris hesitantly sat down on the ground next to her. Geno didn’t seem to mind as much as Kris thought he would. The only thing he did was grab Emily’s hand in his to show she was his.
 “You smell really good.” Emily told Kris with a friendly smile, and put her head on his shoulder for a moment.
 “Thanks.” He replied, not sure of what she was doing. He did know that Geno wasn’t liking it.
 “Mhm.” She replied. She was really just trying to see what Evgeni’s reaction would be. She wasn’t trying to make him mad or anything, just curious as to what he’d do. Kris was her best friend and if Geno couldn’t accept that, it could be a good thing to use when the time came to break up with him.
Ashley and Jordan looked at her weird. She ignored them and slowly sat back up straight.
 “We’re gonna have to get out of here sometime.” Max said, unaware of what was going on down on the ground. He was standing, looking for a way to go without getting caught.
 “Way to pick a hiding spot as far away from the exit as possible.” Emily said, looking at Jordan and Ashley.
 “We weren’t thinking, we were just running.” Ashley told her, obviously amused by all this.
Max started to climb up the shelves full of things that would make great gifts at a baby shower. He spotted an opening near the top he could look through for a safe way out.
 “You see anything?” Geno asked him once he was at the top.
 “Yeah, there’s a clear path to the exit.” Max replied and started to climb down. “If we hurry it shou…”
Just then Max’s foot slipped. His natural reaction was to grab something to catch himself with, so he grabbed a shelf. It tipped towards him, everything falling off of the shelves. The shelf’s itself didn’t fall completely, just catching itself on the other side of the isle, forming a crooked letter V. All of their jaws dropped.
Max was on the ground covered in baby bottles and other weird things for pregnant women. Luckily he wasn’t hurt.
 “We need to get out of here right now.” Emily said, grabbing both Geno and Kris’s hands and quickly walking away from the huge mess Max had just created.
Jordan grabbed his hand and helped him up and quickly followed Emily and them along with Ashley and Max.

Lauren and Tyler quickly looked in the direction the big crash they heard came from. It was near the back of the store and sounded like it was bad.
 “What’s with all the crashes in here today?” Lauren asked, after that being the second one they heard so far.
 “I don’t know.” Tyler replied, “You don’t think…?”
 “No, it couldn’t have been them.” Lauren said, knowing what he was implying. “Could it?”

 “We made it!” Max exclaimed in triumph once they reached the parking lot safely without being spotted. They were all standing around where they parked their cars, which was all in the same area.
 “You do realize we can, like, never go back there again.” Ashley said, half serious half laughing.
 “Laur and TK are gonna have to be our permanent Walmart shoppers.” Jordan said.
 “Oh my god, I forgot about them!” Emily said and pulled out her cell, dialing Lauren’s number.
It rang a few times and then Lauren’s voice answered.
 “Hey, where are you guys?” She asked, knowing it was Emily who called.
 “Outside. Are you guys almost done? We need to get out of here.” Emily told her.
 “Yeah we’re checking out. Why do you need to…” Lauren paused, realizing something, “Oh my god, did you guys break all that stuff?!”
 “Well, technically it was just Jordan and Max. But yeah, so hurry up or we’re leaving without you.” She told her and then hung up.
 “Hate to bail on you guys, but I’m getting the hell out of here before crazy Ol’ Jim comes out here and finds us.” Max said about to get in his car.
 “Yeah, same here. He knows my face, I can’t hide from him.” Jordan said, grabbing Ashley’s hand and going to his car.
 “Fine, be that way.” Emily said to them. Then turned to face Geno and Kris. “You’re not leaving, are you?”
 “Not until you do.” They both said.
 “Good.” She replied, then looked to the entrance of the store to see if Lauren and Tyler were coming yet.
 “Isn’t that…?” Kris started to say.
 “Ol’ Jimmy!” Emily nearly yelled, seeing the old janitor walking out of the store with an evil looking glare on his face.
 “Time to go?” Geno asked.
 “Time to go.” Emily nodded. “I’ll talk to you later.” She said, giving him a hug and a quick kiss. He then went to his car.
 “I came with TK, I can’t take his car.” Kris told Emily as she was about to get in her own.
 “Then get in.” She told him, pointing to the passenger seat of her BMW. She was hurrying since Jimmy was walking towards them and he knew what she looked like from when she talked to him.
Kris nodded and got in the car. She quickly started it up and pulled out just before Ol’ Jimmy could get a good look at her.


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