Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chapter Ten;

Day Three ;

It was a little after nine when Emily awoke the next morning. She couldn’t help but smile when she looked at Kris who was laying right next to her, still asleep. She ran her fingers gently over the side of his face. It was a little scratchy from not shaving, but it felt good. She wanted to wake him up and give him a kiss, but today she couldn’t. Today he had to just be her best friend again.
 “Good morning.” Kris said drowsily once he woke up and saw Emily was already awake.
 “Hey sleepy head.” She said with a grin. He smiled at her.
 “I don’t want to get up.” He said, knowing they would have to soon.
 “I know, neither do I.” Emily agreed, “But today’s a brand new day and we need to get out of bed and go conquer it.”
 “Corny much?” He chuckled and she just smiled.
 “Maybe, but it’s inspiration for us to get up. Because you and I both know we’d rather stay here all day.”
 “Very true.” Kris smiled and put his hand on her side seductively.
 “Hey, none of that now!” She said as if she were kidding, but was totally serious. No matter how much she liked him, she made a promise to herself that their relationship would have to wait.
 “Sorry, I forgot.” Kris said with a smirk on his face.
 “Yeah, I bet.” Emily smirked back and threw the covers off of herself, getting up out of the bed. “Do you want something to eat?” She asked him as she threw on an oversized hoodie before walking out of her room. It was a bit chilly inside.
 “Depends, what do ya got?” He replied, still laying on the bed.
 “Come see for yourself, lazy.” Emily said back with a smile.
 “Fine, fine.” He said and finally got up and followed her out to the kitchen.
 “I have cereal, and… cereal…” Emily said as she looked through the cupboards and refrigerator for something to have for breakfast. “Wow. I really need to go grocery shopping.” She said, not finding anything else to choose from.
 “Cereal it is, then.” Kris chuckled.
 “Captain Crunch or Corn Pops?” Emily asked, holding up the two boxes.
 “Captain Crunch for sure.” He said.
 “Good choice.” She laughed and handed him the box and grabbed two bowls and spoons. Kris got out the milk and they set everything on the table.
As the two of them ate their breakfast, Emily remembered something.
 “Oh crap. What did I do with my cell phone?” She asked, trying to remember where she put it.
 “I don’t know. When did you last have it?” Kris replied, not sure as to where it was either.
 “I think when I first noticed you were here.” She said and got up out of her seat to go look.
 “Did you drop it?” Kris asked, still sitting at the table.
 “Maybe.” Emily said. She was looking around the couches. “Here’s yours.” She said as she tossed him his phone that he left on the couch.
 “Thanks. Want me to call yours?” He asked her as he caught it.
 “Yes please.” She said.
 “Whoa, seven missed calls.” He thought out loud, noticing the alert on his screen.
 “Worry about that later. Call mine now.” Emily ordered him, impatiently.
 “Okay, okay.” Kris gave in with a smirk. Emily’s phone started ringing and she looked where she heard the sound coming from.
 “Here it is.” She said, picking it up from off of the ground. “How did it get under the couch?”
 “I have no idea.”
The two of them were both looking through their phones now, checking what they missed. Emily’s two missed calls didn’t quite compare to Kris’s seven, but her fourteen text messages triumphed over his three.
 “And all fourteen were from Ashley?” Kris asked, slightly shocked at what she must have had to say.
 “Yepp. But that’s not a big deal. They all either say ‘hey!’ in all caps or are asking me where the hell I am and why I’m not answering her.” Emily shrugged.
 “And that’s not a big deal?” He asked her.
 “Oh, she does that nearly every time I don’t answer her within ten minutes.”
 “Oh I see.” Kris said with an amused expression on his face.
 “Yeah, so who were yours from?” She asked him.
 “Two from Max saying, ‘dude answer me’ and one from Bouch telling me that everything will be alright.” He told her, mocking Max’s voice when he said his part.
 “Why’d Bouch have to tell you that?” Emily asked with a quizzical look on her face.
 “Well, I kind of, sort of freaked when I found out about you and Geno.” He told her, trying to not make a big deal about it.
 “You freaked? What’d you do?” She asked concernedly.
 “Well, it’s really not a big deal. I just got mad and broke my hockey stick and left.” He said simply. Emily just looked at him, her eyebrows raised. “But, I did it because I love you.” He added with a cheesy smile that made her laugh.
 “How romantic.” She said sarcastically. “So who are you’re calls from?”
 “One from Bouch and the rest from Max.” He said, looking down the list.
 “Hmm, I got one from Max too.” Emily said. She suddenly looked up from her phone at Kris with a nervous look on her face, “Max called you and me and we both didn’t answer him. What if he puts two and two together and figures out we’re together? Then, being Max, he’ll assume we slept together and he’ll be right and he’ll tell everyone and they’ll all think I’m awful and I…”
 “Calm down,” Kris interrupted her, “There’s a huge problem with your theory that you’ve overlooked.”
 “And what would that be?”
“It’s Max. He can’t count to two, let alone put it together.” Kris joked with a smirk on his face. Emily just laughed.
 “True.” She said and forgot about her worries, “So what are our stories going to be?”
 “Yeah, we gotta make up stories of what we did yesterday incase anyone suspects something. That way we have details and things to say if someone questions us.” Emily explained, “Here’s mine. Yesterday I didn’t wake up until a quarter till three. When I did awake, I was feeling slightly hung over and decided to take a shower. I got in the shower at 2:58, cleansed myself for fifty two minutes and got out at about 3:50. I put on my robe and sat and filed and fixed up my nails for twenty eight minutes. I started to paint them a shimmery dark blue, but I thought it was a little too much after finishing the first coat on my left hand, and I removed the polish immediately. I was startled when I heard Lauren call my name around 4:24 and I didn’t reply right away. I got up, went and greeted her and when she left I went to blow dry my hair. That’s when I lost track of time. Once my hair was dry I watched Hot Rod until I fell back asleep on the couch. I woke up hours later, feeling sluggish and bored so I decided to call it a night and went to sleep in my room. It wasn’t until this morning I realized my phone was off the whole time, otherwise I would have been sure to hear it ringing. And that’s that.”
 “You’re insane.” Kris laughed.
 “Insane, no. Prepared, 100 percent.” She said confidently, “Now let’s hear yours.”
 “Okay, let’s see.” Kris thought for a moment, “After I left practice I went for a drive to sort things out by myself. I wandered aimlessly through the city for a few hours when I decided to stop at the mall. I walked around there for a little while, but I left my phone in my bag that was in my car. So I didn’t have it with me to answer it. After a few hours I got back in my car and drove to my Uncle’s house to see him. He…”
 “Wait, wait.” Emily stopped him mid-sentence.
 “Does your uncle have a name? Details are important.” She said seriously. Kris laughed quietly to himself.
 “Yeah, sure. Uncle Bob.” He said.
Bob? Is that the best you can think of?” She asked him as if he were kidding her.
 “What’s wrong with Bob?” He asked back, not seeing the problem.
 “Like I said, details are important! Bob is like the most common fake name in the world. Think of something else. Like François.”
 “Okay then, I drove to my Uncle François’s house.” Kris continued, amused by Emily’s dedication to the role. He decided to have a little fun with the rest of his story, “I hadn’t seen dear Uncle François, or Big Frank as I like to call him, in about 3 and a half years. He recently moved to Pittsburgh after suffering a devastating loss back in Montreal, no longer wanting to live in the home his feline companion, Monsieur Sprinkles, had only just passed away in. The memories in that home were too much for his big heart and three hundred and fifty pound body to handle. When I arrived at his home he was baking what at first smell seemed to be pumpkin pie, but as I later found out was apple strudel. He insisted on me staying until it was finished to try some. I gave in to his pleas and told him I would stay, making him smile for the first time since Monsieur left this earth. Seeing how happy I made him made me forget my worries and distress about you, so I opted to stay the night at his house in his newly remodeled guest bedroom. And that’s that.”
He smiled at Emily who just stared back at him with no visible emotion on her face. It was hard for him to tell what she was thinking.
 “Was the strudel good?” She asked, her voice sounding serious. Kris smiled.
 “It was delicious.”
 “Okay, that will work. Our friends aren’t that bright. They’ll believe it.” She said with a smirk, “Good details, by the way.”
 “Thank you very much.” He chuckled.
 “Now remember, stick to the story. Any little detail changes can throw off the whole thing.” Emily told him. She really didn’t want anyone to know about they’re special night. Hurting Geno was the last thing she wanted to do. And if he found out, it would crush him.
Kris was feeling a little overwhelmed with all of this making up stories and keeping secrets stuff. But if that’s what would make Emily happy and so they could be together, he’d do it.
 “I feel like I’ve committed a crime.” Kris told her.
 “That’s because you have.”
 “Oh I have I?” He asked, entertained by all the craziness.
 “Yes,” She told him, smiling slightly, “You broke into my apartment and stole my heart.”
 “Well, I had to in order to avenge the theft of my heart long, long ago by a beautiful mistress of the art of heart stealing.”
 “Tell it to the judge.” She said and stood up, grabbing their empty cereal bowls and taking them over to the sink.
 “I should probably get going.” Kris said as he stood up himself, though he didn’t want to.
 “Yeah,” Emily said as she looked at the time. It was almost ten. She was planning on calling Ashley and inviting her over so they could hang out before and go to the game together, but she still had to get ready. “Thanks again for coming over, though. I’m glad you were the one I spent my one special night with.”
 “No problem,” He said with a smile on his face. “What are best friends/secret valentines for?”
Kris wrapped his arms around her in a hug. She hugged him back, not wanting to let go. As they parted, Kris kissed her softly on the cheek.
 “I’ll see you at the game.” He said, grabbing his jacket.
 “Okay and good luck.” She replied and he smiled as he opened the door. “Oh, and stick to the story.” She added with a wink.
 “Will do.” He chuckled and left.

 “Morning!” Lauren said to her friend, noticing Leah had just woken up. She then replied to the person on the other line of her cell phone, “Yeah, she’s finally awake.”
 “Who are you talking to?” Leah asked her.
 “Tyler.” Lauren smiled in response. She should’ve known.
 “Oh. How long have you been up?” She asked,
 “Hold on a second,” Lauren said to TK and looked at Leah, “About an hour.”
Leah just rubbed her eyes, adjusting them to the light.
 “Okay, I’ll see you then. Love you, too. Bye.” Lauren ended her call and smiled.
 “So what’s going on?” Leah asked her, wondering what the plans were for the morning.
 “Well, Tyler said he’d pick us up around one so we could hang with him and the guys before the game.” She replied, still smiling.
 “Okay, cool.” Leah smiled back. The thought of seeing Max put her in a good mood. “Want me to make pancakes?”
 “Oh my god, yes!” Lauren exclaimed. Ever since they were in elementary school, Leah always made the absolute best pancakes in the world. She made them nearly every time they had sleepovers at her house, but hadn’t made any recently.
 “Okay.” Leah laughed at her enthusiastic response. She got up and walked over to her kitchen with Lauren close behind.
Not even fifteen minutes later, the two girls were chowing down on their pancakes.
 “These are heavenly!” Lauren gushed as she took another bite.
 “I’m glad you think so.” Leah said with a laugh.
 “Oh my god, I had the weirdest dream last night!” Lauren said out of nowhere. Pancakes make her hyper.
 “What was it about?” Leah asked, curious as to what her mind could possibly think up.
 “Well, it started out just me in a castle. Then I had to fight, like, a thousand wizards and the only way to beat them was to punch them as hard as I could in their faces. It was pretty crazy.” Lauren said dramatically.
 “You’re crazy.” Leah laughed.
 “Thanks.” Lauren said sarcastically and laughed, “What did you dream about?”
 “Well I can’t remember it all,” She started to say with an involuntary smile as she thought about it, “But we were at the game after it was over and we went back into the locker room but no one was there. Just me and you. Then you went to look for everyone and left me by myself. So I just wandered around for a while until Max pretty much appeared out of nowhere. Then it was just us two.”
 “So it was a good dream.” Lauren said with a smile.
 “Yes, very.” Leah laughed.

 “Only 49 hours until I see you again.” Sidney said with a smile on his face. He was on the phone with Ashlen and had been for the past hour and a half. Hearing her voice was the next best thing to actually being with her, which was going to happen on Tuesday. Just a little over two days to wait.
 “I know, I’m excited!” Ashlen replied enthusiastically.
 “So, you gonna watch me play today?” Sidney asked, speaking of the game against the Rangers at three.
 “Uh, yeah!” Ash said as if it were a given. “Kick some New York ass for me.”
 “Will do. Jordy said he was planning something so keep an eye out for his mischievousness.” Sid warned her, not sure of what exactly he had up his sleeve.
 “I’ll be watching.” She laughed in response. “Gosh I can’t wait to meet the rest of your friends. They sound like fun.”
 “Oh they are,” Sidney chuckled. He had told Ashlen some of the many stories of memorable times him and the guys and girls had together. She had already met Max and Geno, but she didn’t really get any time to really meet or talk to anyone else. “Em, Ashley, Laur and Leah will love you. I just know you’ll get along with them really well.”
 “I hope so.” She said. She really wanted to make friends with Sidney’s friends. Especially since she wouldn’t know anyone else there.
 “Don’t worry, it’s all gonna work out perfectly.” Sidney reassured her. “I seriously can’t wait for you to come out here.”
 “I know, me either. These next 48 and a half hours are gonna be torture!” She groaned.
 “Tell me about it. I just hope I can focus on the hockey today.”
 “You better! Win this one for me.” Ashlen told him. She didn’t want Sidney to be off his game because of her. He had to carry his team to another cup.
 “I’ll do what I can.” Sid chuckled. “But hey, I gotta go. I’ll call you after the game?”
 “Okay. I’ll talk to you then.” She said, “Good luck!”


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