Sunday, January 3, 2010

Chapter Twenty Seven;

It was dark as midnight as Kris looked around the room. Everything was black. He was sitting up on the hotel room bed, eyes squinted, trying to make out some sort of figure in the room that appeared to be a black hole of nothing.
 “Bouch?” Kris called out. No reply. He must have fallen asleep. It had to have been late, he thought. The clock that had been sitting on the bedside table wasn’t lit up like normally. Had the power gone out? Kris reached out in the direction he thought the clock was and hit something. Suddenly, the room came into focus as the lights raised slightly, the way they do at the movie theater once the movie is over.
The first and only thing Kris noticed once he could see again, was her.
 “Hi.” Emily smiled at him from across the room. The blue in her eyes was glowing and her white smile made the room look even brighter. She was wearing a skimpy, loose fitting dress with her wavy brown hair resting on her shoulders. Kris’s heart beat loud at the sight of her and a smile naturally made its way to his face.
He couldn’t find the words to speak. He was so glad to see her. And it wasn’t even Monday yet, was it?
 “How’d you get in here?” Kris finally asked and motioned for her to come closer.
She took a few steps and replied, “Philippe let me in.”
Kris turned to look at where Boucher had been laying before. He wasn’t there.
 “Where is he?” Kris asked, although he didn’t really care. Being alone with Emily would be better anyway.
 “I asked him to leave.” She replied with a coy grin playing on her face as she came closer to Kris, “You know, to give us some privacy.”
 “Oh, good idea.” He said, liking what she seemed to be implying.
 “Uh-huh.” Emily nodded and got up onto his bed, kneeling on it in front of where he was sitting. Kris couldn’t help but smile as she got closer and closer to him, until she was nearly on top of him. “I broke up with Geno.” She told him and before he could even think of something to say, she kissed his lips. “And I love you with all my heart.” She said and kissed him again. “I only want you. I want every part of you.” She continued, kissing him again and again. “One night wasn’t near enough. And now it doesn’t have to be,” She was saying everything Kris wanted her to as she began undressing him, “I love you, Kristopher Letang. I want to be with you forever.” The light seemed to be dimming again as her hands explored his body.
Suddenly, all was black again.
  “I love you, too.” Kris said to no one, “I love you, too.”

Kris opened his eyes. The room was dark, but not black. The lamp on the table between his and Philippe’s bed was on, and still reading his book, Philippe was there. But Emily was not.
 “Fuck.” He cursed, upset. It had been a dream. Emily hadn’t come here. She didn’t kiss him over and over and over again. And worst of all, she hadn’t broken up with Geno.
 “Bad dream?” Philippe asked, not looking up from his book.
 “No.” Kris said dourly. “What are you still doing up anyway?”
 “Ha, Kris you were only asleep about a half an hour.” Boucher pointed out, looking at the digital clock next to him. “And don’t give me attitude just cause you had a nightmare.”
Kris narrowed his eyes at him, “I told you I didn’t have a nightmare. It was probably the best dream I ever had.”
 “Ahh, I see.” Philippe understood now, “You were having a great dream, I’m guessing about Emily. And then you woke up and realized it was just a dream, eh?”
Kris just nodded, not wanting to talk about it. He laid back, his head on the big pillow and rolled on his side, facing the wall.
 “G’night, Tanger.” Boucher said with a grin. Kris squeezed his eyes shut and tried to fall back asleep so he could return to his perfect dream.

 “You are fast, Ricky Bobby,” Marc-Andre Fleury and Jean Girard said simultaneously, “But I am faster.”
Ashlen and Sidney cracked up at the resemblance between the two.
 “Only you, Flower.” Sid shook his head, still chuckling, “Only you.”
Marc smiled one of his giant smiles, “Well I’m beat.” He said, standing up from the couch with a dramatic yawn although it really wasn’t too late yet, “See you two in the AM.”
 “Night, Marc.” Ash said smiling, wrapped in Sidney’s arms on the other couch.
 “Yeah. You guys get some sleep, ya hear? I don’t wanna wake up in the middle of the night to any crazy sounds or bedrockin’. Clear?” Flower asked. It was impossible to cover his joking smile.
 “Yeah, yeah. We’re clear, man.” Sid was blushing a bit. Ash noticed and smiled, looking up at his face with lust in her eyes.
 “Okay, okay.” Fleury laughed, “I don’t trust you at all, but okay. Goodnight for real.” He waved a last goodbye and went into the bedroom, shutting the door behind him.
 “It’s about time.” Sid said with a small, seductive grin playing on his lips.
 “I heard that!” Marc called through the closed door.
Ashlen laughed, “Obviously we’re going to have to be quieter.”
 “Unfortunately.” Sid sighed but didn’t lose his smirk. “You wanna finish watching the movie or something else?”
 “Well, this is pretty nice.” Ashlen said, referring to the way they were situated together. In each other’s arms. Faces close enough to kiss.
 “It could be nicer.” Sid suggested. The small gap between their faces closed as they kissed.
 “Not too nice, I hope!” Marc’s voice yelled out again.
Ash giggled and Sid turned to look towards the door, “I think it’s in everyone’s best interest that you stop listening to us and go to sleep, Flower. Now.”
The door opened, just a crack and Marc’s face appeared, “Aye aye Captain.” He said then shut the door and supposedly went to bed.
 “Now, where were we?” Sidney refocused on his girl after the brief and hopefully final interruption.
 “I think we were right here.” Ashlen said just before she pressed her lips against his.

 “God, it’s beautiful out here.” Ashley said, looking out onto the ocean. The night sky was full of stars that reflected off the water with a beautiful glimmer. She was sitting on a big rock situated on the beach, laying back in Jordan’s arms.
 “It sure is.” Emily, who was sitting on the rock next to them with Geno, agreed.
Jordan handed a small glass to each of them, including himself, and poured in whatever liquor was in the first bottle he grabbed, “I’d like to propose a toast,” He said with a smile, “To a beautiful night, on this beautiful beach, with two very beautiful girls.”
 “I’ll drink to that.” Geno smiled at Emily, raising his glass as Jordan had.
 “Cheers!” Ashley exclaimed and lifted her glass to join them.
Emily smiled and did the same, “Cheers.” She sighed. What Max had told her was making her nervous.
While Jordan, Ash, and Geno all drank their drinks, Emily merely pressed the cup up to her lips as if she were about to take a sip.
 “How bout we go down to the water?” Em suggested and placed the untouched drink on the rock behind her before they could notice she hadn’t drank anything. Explaining why she didn’t would be a bad idea.
 “Kay!” Ashley instantly agreed and hopped down off the rock. “Come on, Jordy!”
 “I’m coming, I’m coming. Give me a sec.” He told her and she nodded. Emily and her took off their flip-flops and started off towards the oceans edge while Geno stayed back with Jordan for a moment.
 “So,” Jordy’s voice was hushed as he spoke to Geno, although it was very unlikely that their girlfriends could hear them, “You planning on hittin’ that tonight?” He asked with a smirk on his face. Both of their eyes were focused out on the girls.
 “I wouldn’t say planning.” Geno said, “But, you know, whatever happens, happens.”
 “Ahhh, yeah man. I hear ya, I hear ya.” Jordan replied with a sort of jump in his voice. “You guys get that far yet?”
 “Naw, not yet.” Geno told him, “We’re kind of taking things slower. One step at a time.”
Jordan gave him a look like he didn’t believe what he was hearing, “You? Evgeni Malkin, taking things slow? One step at a time? No way.” He joked with him. He knew very well that that wasn’t how some of his past relationships went.
 “It’s different with her, man.” Geno chuckled at his tone but was being honest, “It’s not about the sex. It’s more than that. I really like her. She’s special.”
 “She is quite the catch.” Jordan admitted, watching her and Ashley spin around in the inch deep water, laughing as the waves crashed against their feet. “You’re a lucky man.”
 “Yeah,” Evgeni smiled, eyes focused on Emily, “I am.”

 “What do you think they’re talking about?” Emily asked Ashley after they had stopped spinning around.
Ashley was still laughing, “My guess would be us.”
 “And what makes you think that?” Em asked. She was taking it a bit too seriously, worrying about what Geno had planned.
 “Well, they are, like, watching us.” She replied with a smile still on her face, “And plus, what else would they be talking about? I mean, hello!” Whatever Jordan had given all of them to drink must have been strong. It didn’t take much to get Ashley sounding rather crazy. Emily was glad she opted not to have any of whatever it was.
 “True.” She sighed.
 “What’s the matter?” Even being tipsy, Ash could tell there was something wrong.
 “It’s nothing. I’m just pretty tired.” Emily wasn’t totally lying. Sleeping sounded like a great idea right now.
 “You just need another drink.” Ash said smiling.
That’s the last thing I need. Emily thought to herself.
 “JORDAN! GENO! COME ON!” Ashley yelled up to the guys, easily catching their attention. They hopped down off the rocks and hurried over to their girls.
 “Miss me, babe?” Jordan asked as he wrapped his arms around Ashley.
 “Uh-huh.” She nodded and kissed him, slinging her arms around his neck.
Evgeni took Emily’s hand in his. The space in between them was very little. He looked down into her eyes and she looked up into his. Without saying a word, he kissed her forehead softly.
 “You look beautiful tonight.” He told her.
 “Thanks.” She smiled, but silently worried what his intensions were.


  1. kris havin naughty dreams ;) haha great chapter em! aww ashlen and sid are so cutee :) fleur's just jealous danny b didnt let him bring his lady hahah. geno better have changed his ways with the whole ya know ya know thing. lol if jordan, geno, and ashley keep drinking, you'll have to drag um all back to the hotel ha then dan potash will catch you and he'll just be like "i wont say a word." wink and walk away. lol more soon!!

  2. I litterallly believed Em ACTUALLY broke up with Geno...
    And I was cracking up laughing at the whole Sid & Ash part, wow ;)
    You make everything so cute & perfect.
    I loved the beach part too, it made me wanna go to the ocean :/
    ahahha and i love slightly tipsy people they crack me up.

  3. Oh my gosh! this was the best and cutest chapter ever! and I know I say that about just about every one, lol. Kris is soo pathetic, I feel soo bad for him. There is a scary resemblance between Marc Andre Fleury and Jean Girard, lol, their voices at least.