Sunday, December 27, 2009

Chapter Twenty Six;

Back at the hotel everyone was in their assigned rooms. Bylsma and the assistant coaches were checking all of their rooms to make sure they were where they were supposed to be and looked like they were getting ready for bed. Everyone seemed to be following all the rules. The guys were in their rooms while the girls were in their own. More than half of them were already in their beds and the rest were getting ready to do the same. Dan was pleased.
He made his final walk down the hallway of the seventh floor, came to the elevator and pressed the button. The doors opened and he stepped inside, pressing the black number nine to go up to his room’s floor. Slowly the doors slid shut with a ding as the elevator went up.

Ashley’s phone vibrated in her hand, “Jordan says the coast’s clear.”
 “I can’t believe we’re gonna do this.” Emily sighed. Though Ashley’s always been one to sneak out and break the rules, Emily never really was. Tonight would be different.
 “It’s gonna be fun! Dan won’t know, don’t worry.” Ashley assured her.
 “What won’t Dan know?” Ashlen, who just walked into the room after ending her phone call with Sidney, asked curiously.
 “Me, Em, Jordy and Geno are sneaking out and gonna go walk on the beach.” Ashley told her with an excited smile, “You and Sid are welcome to join us if you wanna.”
 “Thanks, but I think we’re just gonna hang out in his room.” Ashlen said with a smile, “You guys have fun though.”
 “You too.” Ashley said suggestively. Ashlen laughed and left for Sid’s room.
Emily crossed her arms over the grey Pens hoodie she had on and sighed.
 “Em, please. I know you don’t want to, but for me. It will be fun, I promise you.” Ashley told her with a pleading look in her brown eyes, “You’re my best friend, you gotta trust me.”
 “I do trust you, I guess. But it’s just, Geno…” Emily’s voice trailed off.
 “I know, I know. But it was Jordan’s idea and I was trying to be a good friend and keep your love for Tanger a secret. If I told him you didn’t want Geno to go, he’d know you were hiding something. And if you didn’t come at all, I would be alone and that wouldn’t be good.” Ashley half smiled as she spoke.
 “I guess that’s true.” Emily forced a smile. “The last thing we need on this trip is you and Jordy having a run in with the cops for doing some illegal shit while you’re off on your own.”
 “Ha, you know it.” Ashley laughed, “So you’ll come?”
Emily took a breath and nodded, “Yeah, I suppose I will.”

Ashlen knocked lightly on the door of room 715, being careful not to make too much noise. A mere three seconds passed before the handle turned and the door was opened, revealing Sidney standing in the doorway with a smile on his face.
 “Hello, beautiful.” Sid said and made way for her to come inside.
 “Hey there, handsome.” Ashlen responded and gave him a quick kiss.
 “Not you again!” Marc-Andre sighed, but was smiling. He liked joking around with them.
 “Nice to see you too, Flower.” Ashlen smirked at him. Sid’s arm was around her as they walked further into the room and towards where Marc was sitting on the couch.
 “Whatcha watching?” Sid asked him.
 “Well, I was going to watch a movie.” Flower replied, looking up at the couple standing in front of him.
 “What movie?” Ashlen asked.
Fleury smiled, looking kind of like he didn’t want to answer but he did anyway, “Talladega Nights.”
 “I should’ve known!” Sid laughed, “You just like watching it and pretending you’re Jean Girard and reciting all of his lines when he says them.”
 “Shut up.” Marc-Andre said, not denying it. Ashlen and Sidney laughed some more.
 “Can we watch it with you?” Ashlen asked, half wanting to actually watch it and half just wanting to hear Flower make a fool of himself.
Marc shrugged, “Be my guest.”

 “I’ll go get Jordan, you go get Geno.” Ashley directed Emily once they were out in the dim hall way. Em nodded in agreement and the two went their separate ways. Jordan and Tyler’s room was at one end of the hall, while Geno and Max’s was at the other.
Emily walked to their room in silence. She didn’t have a lot on her mind. She was tired and was just going to have to deal. She figured that once she had a drink or two she would loosen up a bit. She knocked on the door in front of her and waited. Maybe Ash was right, and this would be fun. Maybe.
Oh, how she wished it was Monday.
After a few seconds of waiting she heard the door being unlocked and then it opened. Though she expected to see Evgeni on the other side, the face she saw belonged to Max.
 “What are you doing here?” He asked her, obviously unaware of their plan.
 “I’m here to get Geno. Us and Ash and Jordy are gonna go down to the beach.” She explained with no excitement in her voice whatsoever.
Max opened the door enough for her to come in, and she did.
 “Oh, what are you guys gonna do down there?” Max asked her, sounding rather curious. Geno wasn’t in the room, otherwise he might not have asked.
Emily shrugged, “I don’t know. I guess just walk around. Maybe have a few drinks. Just chill.”
 “No,” Max said quickly, “I mean, that’s a bad idea.”
 “What? Why?” Emily’s expression showed her confusion. Max looked around. Geno was in the other room, changing, so he wasn’t in hearing proximity. Despite that, Max continued the conversation in French, just in case.
 “Don’t drink anything.” He said, looking her right in her eyes.
 “Why not?” She was still confused.
 “Well, you love Kris, right?
 “And you wouldn’t wanna do anything with Geno that you’d be ashamed to tell him about, right?
 “Where are you going with this?” Emily asked, though the answer to his question was yes.
Max was quiet for a few seconds, almost as if he were thinking, but finally replied, “Geno wants to get in your pants. Bad.
 “What?” Emily said in English, not expecting that response.
 “He would do anything to get you in bed. Anything.” Max, in French, said seriously, “Even if it means getting you drunk in order to do it. I wouldn’t risk a single sip if I were you. You’re pretty thin, it probably doesn’t take much to get you real tipsy.
 “You’re kidding, right?” Emily asked, almost laughing. She couldn’t see Evgeni being like that. Especially with her.
 “No, I swear. He told me.” Max said, sounding just as serious as he looked, if not more. “I’m just looking out for you. I figured, if I didn’t tell you and something happened I would feel like shit. No, worse than shit, I’d feel like a terrible friend that’s covered in shit. So I told you. Don’t be mad and don’t say anything to him, but it’s totally true. Geno wants to get it on tonight. Please, for me and you and Kris’s sake, don’t let that happen.”
Emily nodded, a concerned expression on her face, “Okay, I won’t. I promise.”
 “You won’t what?” Evgeni’s voice asked. Emily turned around to face him. Listening so intently to what Max was saying and with all the new thoughts on her mind, she hadn’t noticed him come into the room. He had on a hoodie and some swim-trunk looking shorts. As cute as he looked standing there with his signature Geno-grin on his face, Emily couldn’t quite look at him the same way.
 “I won’t, uh, tell Jordan that Max thought, um, that Marc beat him in that fight. Yeah, I won’t do that.” She lied poorly, but Geno showed know sign of disbelief.
 “Oh, okay. Well, you ready?” He asked her. She could tell that he was excited and she worried that it was because of what Max had said.
 “Yeah, I think so.” Emily let out a sigh.
 “Okay, let’s go.” He smiled and took her hand.
 “See you guys later.” Max called to them as they walked away. Emily turned to look at him with worried eyes. He shrugged, not able to do anything and mouthed, “Don’t forget.”
Emily nodded and said, “See ya.” Then the door shut behind her. Jordan and Ashley were already waiting down by the elevator, so Geno and Em hurried quietly to where they were.
 “Looky what I got.” Jordan smiled, Ashley holding onto his arm. He pulled out of his hoodie pocket a couple bottles of different kinds of alcohol, “Hotel fridges never fail.”
 “Nice.” Geno chuckled and Ashley grabbed one of the bottles with a grin. Emily faked a smile to fit in. Max’s words were haunting her.
The elevator doors slid open and the four of them stepped in.
 “Going down.” Ashley said and pressed the button for the lobby. The doors dinged and slid shut. Within seconds, they were indeed, going down.

 “They’re so gonna get caught.”
 “Honestly, I’m gonna be surprised if they don’t. I mean, I could hear Ash and Jordan laughing from in my room.”
 “Plus Jordy totally cleaned out the mini fridge before he left,” Tyler said into his phone. He and Lauren were talking on their cells rather than breaking the rules and getting in trouble, which they were both sure Ashley, Emily, Jordan, and Geno were going to do. “I don’t see how they think they can just leave the hotel, get drunk, and come back without someone noticing, ya know? Like, there are cameras and people working here that could easily say something to Bylsma and they’d be done.”

 “It’s whatever, I guess.” Lauren sighed, “There’s no stopping them now. If they wanna pay a couple thousand dollars to go to the beach, that’s fine by me.”
 “Yeah. Speaking of you,” Tyler smiled, picturing her face, “What are you up to over there?”
Lauren grinned, “Just sitting here on the couch, watching TV with Leah. How about you?”
 “Laying here in bed talking to you.” He replied.
 “Sounds like fun.” Laur giggled.
TK loved the sound of her laugh, “It sure is.”

 “I can hear them.” Kris said bitterly. His and Philippe’s room was next door to Max and Geno’s, so when Emily and Geno left their room, he heard.
 “Kris,” Philippe said, looking up from the book he was reading. He was sitting on his bed and Kris was on his own. “Don’t get yourself all worked up. I know I heard Jordan’s laugh out in the hallway too. I bet he and Ashley are gonna be with them. They’re not gonna do anything with them around.”
 “Yeah, like that would stop him from having his way with her.” Kris hated thinking about it.
 “Okay, so maybe Jordan and Ashley won’t stop him, but I know Emily would.” Philippe said, “She told you she loves you. She’s not the kind of girl who would go behind your back and do stuff with another guy.”
Kris sighed. As much as he wanted to believe that Boucher was right about Emily, he knew he wasn’t entirely. Yeah, she wasn’t the kind of girl to do that all the time, but she had done it before. With him. Thinking about all this made Kris get a better picture of why Emily was so worried about Evgeni finding out about their night together. If Kris was this upset and angry just thinking about her going out and doing stuff with someone else, imagine how Geno would feel if he found out she actually had done that to him. Kris decided upon that being one of the worst feelings in the world. He didn’t want to have to feel it first hand.
 “Listen, kid.” Bouch said, noticing the distressed look on Kris’s face, “Why don’t you go to sleep. There’s no use you staying up thinking about all this and stressing yourself out. We got a game tomorrow, you need your rest.”
 “Yeah, I guess your right.” Kris agreed, not wanting to stay up any longer anyway. He was worrying too much. Sleep would help. He hoped, at least.


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