Monday, January 11, 2010

Chapter Twenty Eight;

A couple of laughs and a few drinks later, Ashley and Jordan were all over each other. Jordan was laying on his back in the sand with Ash on top of him. They had been making out like this for a while now, making it a bit awkward for Emily and Geno who were seated not too far away. The two of them were just talking and looking at the stars. Although it seemed completely harmless, Em still worried if Geno would make a move.
 “Do you wanna go for a walk?” Evgeni asked her, not wanting to stick around and find out what would happen next between their friends to their left.
 “Okay.” Emily agreed. If they were walking, they couldn’t possibly be doing anything she’d regret. Right?
Geno stood up and offered his hand to help her up. She took it and got to her feet, but their hands didn’t part. Their fingers laced together as they began to walk along the shore. Holding hands was harmless.

The credits were rolling down the screen of the hotel television, but neither Sidney nor Ashlen cared to take notice that the movie had finished. They had been too busy with each other to watch anymore of it.
 “I love you, Ash.” Sidney’s voice was quiet, yet alluring. His big lips caressed her skin.
 “I love you too.” Ashlen managed to respond.
Everything had been perfect. No interruptions from Marc-Andre. Just the two of them. Just the way they wanted it.
They were just laying in each other’s arms, enjoying the time they spent together, when Ashlen spoke up.
 “I should probably get back to my room.” She said, knowing it was the right thing to do even if she didn’t want to.
 “Don’t go.” Sidney pleaded, not wanting to be apart from her.
 “I have to. You need your sleep for tomorrow.” Ash told him. She knew if she stayed neither of them would get much rest.
 “You can sleep here.” Sidney tried with a smile, not giving up just yet.
 “And have Dan find me here in the morning and fine you for breaking the rules?” She sat up but Sidney’s arms were still around her.
 “Oh, please,” Sid chuckled, “Being with you is worth the thousand dollars.”
 “But I’d feel bad if you had to pay that much because of me.”
 “Ash,” Sid smiled and sat up a bit to get closer to her, “It’s really not that much.”
 “It is to me.”
Sid looked her in the eyes, “Even a million dollars wouldn’t be a lot compared to how much you mean to me.”
He leaned in and pressed his lips on hers. She kissed him back and smiled when they parted.
 “I still have to go.” She said. Sidney pouted dramatically, making Ash giggle.
 “Fine.” He gave in. It was for the best anyway. “I love you, you know that?”
Ashlen smiled at him and nodded. Never had she felt the way he made her feel before. “Yeah, I know.”
 “Good.” He replied smiling. They stood up from the couch and walked over towards the door hand-in-hand.
They stood silently for a moment, just admiring each other. Sort of stalling the goodbye process.
 “I love you, Sid.” Ashlen finally said.
 “I love you too, Ash.” He replied.
The couple gave each other a final kiss for the long night that neither of them really wanted to end.
 “Goodnight.” Sid told her quietly as he did his best to open the door without making a sound.
 “Night.” She smiled back at him and walked out of his room. He watched her make her way down the hall back to her room and open the door. Before she went inside, she looked back at him and smiled. He smiled back, as she entered her room and slowly shut the door behind her. Sid waited a few seconds and then did the same. He did need to get some sleep, whether he wanted to or not.

After walking what seemed like a mile, Emily and Geno stopped for a bit. They had made it to the part of the beach where the lights from the hotels and streets was no longer visible. The only light came from the sky. The moon and stars, shining down on them. It was even more beautiful than the area of the beach they were at before.
 “Wanna sit?” Geno asked and Emily nodded.
He led her over to a good spot and they sat down. He put his arm around her and she hesitantly rested her head on his shoulder. He hadn’t tried anything with her yet tonight, and Emily was beginning to have doubts that he was going to.
They were quiet for a bit, just staring out onto the water, until Emily spoke up.
 “So what were you and Jordy talking about earlier?” She asked, trying to make conversation and also wanting to know the answer.
Geno smiled and said, “You.”
 “Me?” Emily asked, “What about me?”
 “Just how you’re special.” Geno replied, looking at her now as he spoke.
 “Special?” She was looking at him now too. And god, did he look incredible under the moonlight, “Like stop eating the paste, special?”
 “No,” He chuckled. He gently took her hand in his. Emily could hear her heart beating in her chest, “Like you’re the only one for me, special.’
If she didn’t know better, Emily would have thought she was in a movie. The scenery, the dialog, everything was perfect. Everything, except for the main character.
Geno leaned in closer to her and kissed her lips. Her eyes naturally closed and she kissed him back.
Despite the fact that Evgeni wasn’t her Prince Charming, Emily was finding it hard to stop herself. He was saying all the right things. He really did make her feel special.
Geno’s fingers brushed Emily’s cheek as they made out. Everything about it was terribly romantic. When their mouths separated, they kept close and looked into each others eyes. Geno smiled.
 “I love you, Em.” He confessed.
Emily couldn’t find the words to speak. Her mouth was dry and her head was spinning. What was she suppose to say to that?
She swallowed, trying to find a response. “Geno,” She paused, “I…”
 “Hey! Who’s down there?” A man with a flashlight shining on the two of them from atop the hill that hid the beach from the outside world yelled. “This is a private beach! Trespassers are prohibited and will be fined!”
Geno and Emily stood up quickly, wide eyed. The big man that had bellowed to them was making his way down the hill.
 “Come on, run!” Evgeni whispered to her, taking her hand and leading her back in the direction they came from.
 “Hey! Get back here!” The man yelled to them. The light from his flashlight bounced around, shining on them as he tried to run after them.
 “Don’t stop.” Geno told her as they ran. Their feet kicking up sand as they did so. Both of them started to laugh, though not exactly for the same reasons. Emily laughed because of the sheer surprise and luck that the guy interrupted her from having to say anything back to Geno. She was saved from that pressure for the time being. Geno, on the other hand, just plain found the situation funny. Plus the fact that Emily was laughing and it made him happy enough to laugh too. He loved her laugh. Heck, he loved her.


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