Sunday, December 13, 2009

Chapter Twenty Five;

The rest of their dinner went smoothly. After she had talked with Ashley, Emily felt a little better and composed herself and tried to enjoy her time with Geno and her friends. Ashley also derived something from their conversation, feeling a renewed sense of happiness to have Jordan and the love that they both had for each other. Lauren was also feeling like her and Tyler’s relationship was growing stronger after the waitress incident, and she liked it.
Kris continued to steal glances in Emily’s direction. Occasionally he would catch her eye, making her cheeks turn a rosy shade of pink at the realization that he was looking at her. Her lips would form a subtle grin, but she wouldn’t look directly at him. That’s all it took to lift his mood and improve his attitude a bit. Max noticed.
Although he was with Leah and had a golden opportunity to get closer with her, Max couldn’t seem to concentrate on that right now. The only thought on his mind was actually about Emily and it completely consumed any and all other thoughts on his mind. He looked over at her, she was laughing about something Ashley had said. He shook his head, thinking how ridiculous he was for even considering what was on his mind. Max then looked across the table at Kris, then back over at Emily and sighed. Maybe his theory wasn’t that crazy.
Sidney and Ashlen were acting very flirty with each other, much to Marc-Andre’s dismay. They were giggling and kissing and, according to Flower, being rather obnoxious as they flaunted their newfound love. He didn’t know if they were acting that way to purposely mess with him or if they were honestly like that. He laughed about it as they did things like feeding each other their dinner and kissing each other where they got a little food on their face. Their cutesiness was intense, but he couldn’t deny that they made a near perfect couple.

By the time everyone had finished eating, it was approaching nine o’clock. They were all still seated and talking when Dan Bylsma stood up to make a quick announcement.
 “Okay guys, when we get back to the hotel I want you all to go pretty much straight to your rooms. That means the rooms you were assigned,” He paused and gave a stern, but at the same time friendly look at the girls. It was kind of hard to take Dan too seriously, “We’ve got back to back afternoon games tomorrow and Saturday, plus if you want to check out that festival tomorrow night, so you need to get as much rest as you can tonight. So I suggest you go to sleep a little early. And like I said before, no girls in the guys’ rooms and vice versa. Got that?”
 “Got it, Coach.” Jordan winked with a grin. Bylsma chuckled.
 “I’m being serious, Jordy. I’ll break out the fines if you guys make me.” He said, speaking of the fines the players sometimes have to pay for doing certain things. Like not leaving the arena when practice is long over and other silly things.
 “Might as well make the kids pay up now. Ya know they’re just gonna break the rules anyway.” Billy Guerin joked, referring to the guys whose girlfriends were with them.
 “I’ll tell you what, I’ll just throw the numbers out right now,” Dan proposed, “One thousand dollars cash for each rule broken. So don’t break any.”
 “Well, what are all the rules?” Max asked.
 “You should know the basics. The rest are for me to know and you to hope you don’t have to pay for.” Dan smirked.
As the team continued discussing the fines with their coach, Emily looked over at Ashley and Jordan. The couple both had devious grins on their faces and were holding hands.
 “You’re planning on breaking the rules, aren’t you?” She whispered so only they could hear.
Ashley smiled and Jordan chuckled, “Most definitely.”


  1. jordy and ashley are sooo bad!! haha danny b's gonna be kickin some major ass and recieving some major cash ;) lol wow that was lame, but this chapter was quite dandy. whats maximes theory?!!?!? telll us! lol teek and me getting closer ;) im lovin it haha
    type moreeeeee!!!!!! chapter 26, tonight?? i hope :))))))

  2. Hahhahhaha oh Jordan & Ashley ;)