Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chapter Sixteen;

Day Five ;

It was finally Tuesday. Sidney drove to the airport extra early to wait for Ashlen’s flight to arrive. When he got there he went straight to the gate where her plane let off. He signed a few autographs for traveling Pens fans that noticed him while he waited. Finally, after waiting for what seemed like years, the door that led to the plane opened.
 “Sidney!” Ashlen yelled, running up to him after being the first passenger to step off of the plane.
 “Ashlen!” He yelled back with the biggest smile possible on his face. Ashlen dropped her bags at her feet and engulfed him in a huge hug.
A few bystanders awed at the couple’s reunion. It was obvious to just about everyone that the two had missed each other more than anything and were even happier to see each other again.
 “You’re even more beautiful than I remembered.” Sidney told her, holding her face in his hands. She looked into his eyes and smiled.
 “They say absence makes the heart grow fonder.” She said, wanting to kiss him so badly. They were so close.
 “Well I think they’re right. I thought I might be in love you before,” Sidney started to say in the sweetest voice and right before he closed the small gap between their lips to place his on hers, he said, “And now I know I am.”

Emily was sprawled across her bed with her phone pressed to her ear. On the other line was Geno, who she had been casually talking to for the past half-hour. She had her iPod plugged into its dock so that it played music quietly as she talked to her boyfriend.
 “So what time do you guys have to leave for New York?” Emily asked Geno.
 “In about two hours.” He replied. “I really wish you could come.”
 “I know, me too. I’m gonna miss you.”
 “Same here. But I think the guys are planning something that you and the rest of the girls are gonna like. I wasn’t suppose to say anything about it, so that’s all I can say now.” Geno told her and she smiled, thinking of what they could possibly be planning.
 “That sounds exciting. Surprises are fun.” Emily laughed.
 “Especially this one.” Evgeni added.
 “Oooh! Now I’m super excited.”
 “You should be.”
 “Trust me, I am.” Emily smiled. She stretched her legs out, still lying on her bed.
 “So, you still listening to music?” Geno asked her. She had told him she was earlier on in their conversation.
 “What song?”
 “Sand in Your Shoes, by This Providence.” Emily said as the song played in the background.
 “That’s a good one.” Geno replied.
 “It sure is.” Emily laughed quietly to herself. She was still tired but Sid called all the girls and made them wake up so they were ready when Ashlen came. They were gonna go to Mario’s to watch the game since they couldn’t all fly to New York. Sid wanted Ashlen to feel welcome and he kept stressing that to everyone. Emily didn’t think making her feel welcome would be a problem. From what Sidney told her about her, Ashlen seemed super nice and fun to be with. She’d fit right in.
 “You should of seen Sid this morning before he left for airport. He was freaking out. He wanted to look perfect to see Ashlen.” Geno said with a laugh as he thought about how crazy Sidney had acted.
 “Aw, I think it’s cute. He really likes her, doesn’t he?” Emily asked.
 “He really does. I’m glad he finally found someone he cares about that much. He always had trouble finding good girls.”
 “He certainly did have trouble with that.” Emily chuckled, remembering some of the past failures of girls he had been with. “But, it can be really hard to find the right person sometimes.”
 “Yeah.” Geno said with a smile in his voice. “I must be really lucky.”

Lauren’s phone buzzed next to her head, startling her out of her daydream she was having. She had been awake for a little while, thanks to Sidney, but didn’t want to get up yet. She opened her phone and saw she had received a text message from Tyler.

From: Tyler<3 :]
Good morning beautiful(:

Lauren smiled at the sweet words on the screen and typed up a response.

To: Tyler<3 :]
Morning handsome ;) Call me!

Not surprisingly, about a minute later Tyler’s picture showed up on the screen as it vibrated since he was calling.
 “Good morning.” Lauren greeted him when she answered.
 “Yes it is.” Tyler replied happily.
 “Sounds like somebody’s in a good mood today.” Lauren chuckled.
 “If that somebody you’re talking about is me, then you are correct.”
 “What’s got into you?” Lauren asked him, amused with how lighthearted he sounded.
 “Ah, nothing. I’m just excited.” He replied, still sounding just as happy as before.
 “For what? The game?” She was a little confused.
 “Sure.” Tyler went with that for now.
 “Sure?” Lauren asked, not sure what he meant by that.
 “Sure.” Tyler repeated with a chuckle.
 “Okay then.” Lauren gave up and changed the subject, “So am I gonna see you before you guys leave?”
 “If you’re ready and get to Mario’s within the next two hours, then yes you will.”
 “Then ready I will be.” Lauren stated with a smile.
 “Okay then, I guess I’ll see you there.” Tyler said, starting to end the conversation.
 “Yes you will.”

 “I’m in love with Emily.” Kris finishing by saying, looking anywhere but Boucher’s face. Kris was at his house explaining a lot of what was going on between him and Emily, leaving out most of the details they both promised not to tell anyone. But he felt that since she had Max to talk to about him, he deserved someone to talk to about her. Philippe was the most sensible choice. He was one of Kris’s best friends, he knew he could trust him to keep a secret, and he would be sure to have good advice. Only thing was, Kris didn’t know how he would respond to it all.
 “It’s about time you admitted it.” Philippe chuckled causing Kris to look at him, confused.
 “You knew?” Kris asked him, not recalling ever mentioning how he felt to him before.
 “Well, I knew you loved her. I didn’t know you told her that, but now I do. I’m happy for you, Tanger.” Boucher said with a smile on his face. Kris half smiled back. All he really told him was that he went over to her house, they got in that little argument, he told her he was in love with her and she said it back and they kissed, he skipped the sex and went straight to watching movies and the rest of the stuff they did, claiming that he simply stayed the night there.
 “Thanks. I just wish I could be with her, ya know?” Kris said with a sigh.
 “Well, from what you told me it sure sounds like she wants to be with you too.” Bouch said trying to cheer him up.
 “Yeah, but there’s Geno…”
 “But she’s in love with you.” He pointed out, “I highly doubt she would tell you that if she didn’t mean it.”
 “I know but we have to be all secretive about it, and I don’t like that.” Kris said honestly.
 “What’s Geno gonna do if he finds out?” Philippe asked as if the answer was nothing.
 “Murder me.” Kris replied flatly.
 “No he wouldn’t.” Bouch laughed at the idea.
 “Trust me, he would. He’s really protective of her. He likes her a lot.” Kris said, getting angry talking about it.
 “It’s not like she can help who she loves. He can’t kill you for being the one. You guys just spent some time together and realized your true feelings. It‘s not a big deal.” Phil tried comforting him. It was working, at first. “It’s not like you slept with her or anything.”
Kris hid his face in his hands at that last comment. He was sure to know now.
 “Oh. I take it that you did?” Boucher said awkwardly.
Kris looked up at him with eyes drained of emotion and nodded.
 “Well, then. I take back that last remark.” Bouch said, not sure of what to say.
 “What do I do?” Kris asked finally.
After a moment of thought Philippe replied, “Wait for her. She said she wanted to be with you, right?” Kris nodded and Bouch continued, “Then wait for her to break up with Geno. She’s a good girl, watching out for his feelings. Just give her a little time and then you two can live happily ever after.”
 “You really believe that?” Kris asked him.
 “Yeah, I really do. You two are meant for each other. Something’s gonna happen and you’ll be together in no time.”
 “How can you be so sure?”
 “I just gotta feeling.”


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