Sunday, August 23, 2009

Chapter Eighteen;

By the time seven o’clock rolled around, the girls were more than ready to watch the guys play. They had spent the day just chilling and getting to know Ashlen better. They all loved her already and were totally glad she was there. They got her caught up on everything she needed to know about the guys and being apart of their “clan”, as they jokingly called their group of friends.
They all found a seat in front of Mario’s enormous flat screen TV as Paul Steigerwald and Bob Errey chatted on FSN on the Penguins Pre-game.
 “Seriously, guys. How totally hot does Steigy look tonight?” Ashley joked and the rest of them cracked up.
 “Oh god, he’s just so sexy. I can’t take it.” Emily added with a laugh.
 “Ya know,” Lauren started to say seriously, “He actually was really cute when he was a kid.”
 “How do you know that?” Ashlen asked as she laughed.
 “They showed a picture one time. He was pretty smokin’ if I do say so myself.” Lauren said honestly but couldn’t help but laugh.
 “Oooh! Shush, my man!” Ashley made them all be quiet as Jordan appeared on the screen. He was getting interviewed by FSN’s own Dan Potash at the bench.
 “So Jordan,” Dan began, “With the regular season a little more than half way over and the Pens occupying first place in the Eastern Conference, does the possibility of another Stanley Cup become anymore evident?”
 “Yeah of course. I think we all knew it was a possibility the moment we won it last year to do it again. We’ve got what it takes and we’ve proved that.” Jordan replied with a professional sounding voice. That was something you’d only hear from him when it involved hockey. All of the guys were serious when it came time to play their game.
 “Well thanks for your time, Jordan.” Dan told him with his signature grin.
 “No problem, Danny.” Jordy replied. Right before he skated out of the shot, he subtly pulled on the collar of his jersey, something most people wouldn’t even notice. Most people who weren’t Ashley, that is.
 “Did you guys see that?!” She asked the rest of the girls. Ashlen was the only one who was confused with what she was talking about exactly, considering it was her first time watching a game with the rest of them. “That was our sign. He pulls on his collar to say hi to me.” She explained, much like every other time Jordan did it. This was the first time in a while her explanation was actually needed though.
 “That’s a cute idea! I’ll have to tell Sid to make a sign for me and him.” Ashlen said.
 “As long as you don’t announce every time he does it, like a certain someone in the room, then you totally should!” Emily joked and Ashley fake pouted at her. They all laughed.
 “Five minutes till the puck drops.” Leah said, noticing the countdown clock in the corner of the television screen.
 “Let‘s go Pens!” Lauren said excitedly.

The game was a fast paced one. All the guys were playing hard, especially Max. It was pretty obvious he was trying to impress someone. Leah blushed at the thought of that someone being her. She still didn’t believe he liked her though.
As for scoring, Max sure backed up his claims of putting on a show with his two goals and an assist on Sidney’s one goal, which he dedicated to Ashlen. Jordan, who scored a short handed goal, also dedicated his goal to his girlfriend by yanking on his collar with a smile on his face seconds after he scored it. He then crossed that off of his to-do list. Geno assisted both of Max’s goals but didn’t score one of his own. TK also assisted on one of Max’s goals and on Jordan’s.
Not only was the offense on the top of it’s game, so was the defense. Nothing was getting past Fleury tonight. The Islanders weren’t getting many shots off, but when they tried they were blocked. The Pens were looking sharp on all angles.
The clock was ticking down its final seconds of the game. It was still four to nothing. Some New York fans were already getting out of their sets and leaving before their loss was official. The guys didn’t stop playing until the final horn sounded. Game over. Pens win.
 “Yeah, bitch!” Ashley cheered as the Islanders skated off of the ice defeated. The Penguins congratulated each other on the game well played and then also left the ice.
 “I’m sensing a Pens repeat.” Ashlen said and they all agreed.
 “No doubt in my mind.” Lauren said. They all just had a feeling.


  1. Chyeah bitch, PENS REPEAT (;
    Whenever someone brings up the Pens I say loudly "PENS REPEAT!"
    And then of course their stupid, and they think that the blues have the slightest chance at the cup.
    Ahhahha awesome chapter, I can't wait until I'm really in the group (:

  2. awesome chapter! lol islanders stink :P
    haha pens repeat ;D and the collar thing... hi. haha :)

  3. awesome chapter! what a cute thing to do. haha, I'm surprised he remembers to. <3