Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chapter Thirty Seven;

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Boucher asked for about the hundredth time.
“Yes, I’m positive. You’re the one who told me to stop moping around and to pick anything I want to do. This is what I want to do. So just let me do it.” Kris told him. He was getting irritated with him. “Not that I need your permission.”
“I know, I know. I just want to make sure it’s not something you’ll regret later.” Philippe shrugged. He knew there was no stopping Kris from doing what he wanted but he wanted to make sure he was at least serious about it.
“I’m sure about this. I need a little change. It’s not that big of a deal. Besides,” He said as he sat down in the chair the man at the counter pointed him towards and let his long locks fall out from under his hat and into his face, “it’ll grow back.”

“How were the rides?” Marc-Andre asked the three just returning from riding them. They made their way to the table where everyone else was still sitting, now including Sidney and Ashlen who recently joined them. Ashlen, who was in Sidney’s arms, was holding a cute stuffed Panda in her arms.
“Pretty good,” Tyler answered. He was holding Lauren’s hand, “How was the food?”
“Delish. Try some.” Jordan retorted and tossed a fry at TK’s face without warning.
Despite the lack of a heads-up, however, Tyler caught the fry in his mouth and smiled in triumph. The girls applauded and Sid and Geno laughed.
“How did you…?” Flower began to ask, puzzled.
Jordan simply shrugged, “Practice.”
“So what’s everybody doing now?” Lauren asked, changing the subject. They were done with their snacks now and it was time to find something else to do.
“I wanna take a look around some of the shops and stuff,” Ashley proclaimed, mostly speaking to Jordan who nodded in agreement. She then turned to Emily and added, “You and Geno should come with us.”
Jordan and Evgeni exchanged glances. Jordy gave him a little smirk and eyebrow-raise that said I gotchu, bro. Geno smiled instinctively and turned his attention to Emily who was seated next to him.
“Okay, sounds good to me.” She replied, then looked to Evgeni for his opinion.
“Yeah,” He nodded, “Let’s go,” And got up from the table, as did the other three.
Lauren and Leah started discussing ideas of what they, Tyler, and Max could do, but Max didn’t hear a word. “Wait!” He called out to Emily and them before they could stray too far from the table.
They all turned around, all with looks of confusion. Except Emily who was visibly annoyed.
“What, Max?” She asked for them all.
He walked over towards them and Emily released Geno’s hand to step closer to Max.
“I’ll come with you guys,” He told her. His eyes took a peek over Emily’s shoulder at Geno who now also looked annoyed, “Ya know, just in case.”
“Ugh, Max,” She sighed in aggravation. She didn’t want to be mean to him, but she just wasn’t in the mood for this right now, “I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself for five minutes. I told you to chill out about this; he’s not going to do anything while we’re here. I appreciate you caring,” she paused and took a breath, then angrily hissed, “but I don’t need a bodyguard.”
Max awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck, “Oh, okay.” He wasn’t expecting that reaction out of her. Though, he figured he did need to calm down about it all… that is until he remembered the conversation between Jordan and Evgeni earlier that day regarding her. Geno was definitely planning on getting some tonight, and Jordan was personally going to make sure of it. Max wanted to explain that to Emily, but before another word could come out of his open mouth, she put a finger up to silence him instantly.
Go hang out with Leah,” She instructed him. Leah was watching Max with hopeful eyes; most likely hoping both that the convo he was having with Emily wasn’t going well and that he was going to decide to come join her in her loneliness instead, “She clearly needs you right now. I don’t.
And with that, Emily turned on her heels and went back to Ash, Jordy, and Geno; re-lacing her fingers with his as she returned.
Max just stood there kind of slack-jawed from events that just took place. He felt bad for obliviously making her so angry at him, but couldn’t help but still feel like she needed him. Maybe she was just tired and not in the greatest mood; Max hoped that her anger wouldn’t last or maybe she’d even unleash it on Geno later if he did, in fact, try something with her. Whatever the reason, not being with her meant not being able to help her, which once again, hopefully she wouldn’t need. In the meantime, Max figured he really should do as she said and hang out with Leah. He owed it to her after rudely ditching her earlier.
He walked back over to the table where Leah, Lauren, Tyler, Fleury, Sidney, and Ashlen now sat.
“Looks like you’ll be joining us?” TK asked him as him and Laur stood up.
“What are we doing?” Max asked implying that he would be. Leah stood up now too.
“Playing games.” Lauren smiled brightly and wrapped one of her arms around her boyfriend. “Teek said he’s gonna win me a cute animal to snuggle with tonight since we can’t be together.”
Fleury laughed out loud at Tyler who was blushing at what he clearly wasn’t planning on hearing Lauren tell all of them that he said.
“How sweet of little Teek.” Marc teased him.
Tyler just brushed him off, happy that Jordan wasn’t there to make it any worse.
“I think that’s cute!” Ashlen assured him. She was still hugging her own stuffed animal Sid won for her, “We’ve got the sweetest boyfriends in the world, huh Laur?”
“Got that right.” Lauren agreed and gave Tyler a kiss that made it all better.
“We going or what?” Max asked, interrupting the cute boyfriend-girlfriend moment.
“We’re going.” Leah answered for them. Until Max started acting like a sweet boyfriend towards her, she knew she was going to keep feeling left out. It was only a matter of time though.
“We’ll see you guys later.” Sidney told them. He, Ashlen, and Flower were just going to chill there for a while.
“Peace.” Max told them, throwing up the peace sign behind him as the group of four walked away.