Sunday, August 1, 2010

Chapter Thirty Six;

“See that blue one, top left above the two green ones?” Sidney asked, pointing with the red-tailed dart in his hand.
Ashlen nodded with a grin, “Yeah.”
“Well, now ya see it,” He said as he pulled the dart back behind his ear, focusing in on the blue balloon he pointed out to her. With a quick, well-aimed toss, the dart hit the balloon dead on, popping it instantly. “Now ya don’t.”
The man behind the booth handed Sid his prize, a big plush panda with a little red bowtie. “Good job, Mr. Crosby. And great game today.” He told him, looking and sounding star struck to be talking to Sidney Crosby.
“Thank you.” Sidney thanked the man who was still grinning like a fool, and then turned to focus all his attention on Ashlen, “A panda for my lady.”
Ashlen smiled and took the bear from his hands, giving it a hug and Sidney a smile. “Who knew all that skill you harbor on the ice was good for popping balloons with darts, too.” She joked, making Sid chuckle.
“I try.” He shrugged, interlacing his fingers with hers.
“Is it weird?” Ashlen asked, suddenly curious, as she took a last look at the dart-throwing booth guy before the two of them and the panda started walking away.
“What? Throwing darts?” Sid was clearly confused.
“No, I mean how people act around you. Like they’re in awe or something.” She explained, “Does it bother you?”
“Not always. It was kind of weird at first, but I’ve gotten used to it. It only bothers me when it interferes with things. Like I can’t do some of the things that the other guys on the team can without making too much of a fuss back home. Simple stuff like going to the mall usually ends up getting me swamped by fans asking for autographs or pictures and stuff. I can deal with it, but sometimes I wish I didn’t have to.” He said, looking forward as he spoke. He then turned his head to look at Ashlen, who was looking up at him already. He smiled, “That’s why I like coming places like this where I have more freedom. And one of the many reasons why I love being with you. Cause when I’m with you, the rest of the world doesn’t matter. It’s like it’s just you and me in our own little world. Perfect.”
“I love you, Sidney.” Ashlen said with a smile.
“I love you too, Ash.” He replied, and covered her smile with his lips.

“Three words,” Jordan announced, holding up three fingers, “Best. Funnel cake. Ever.”
“Gronk, that’s definitely four words.” Marc-Andre corrected him with a laugh.
The two of them plus Ashley, Max, Emily and Geno were all sitting at a little picnic table eating the snacks they got to eat.
“No way. One, two, three.” Jordy protested as he counted on his fingers, “That’s three. I can count!”
“Funnel cake is two words, dumbass.” Flower laughed again at his teammate’s stupidity.
“Is not!”
“Jordan, it definitely is.” Max jumped in, as he devoured his own snack, which was a plate of French fries. He was craving some after Emily mentioned them earlier.
“Um, excuse me but did anybody ask you, fatass?” Jordy asked, full of attitude, “And didn’t we tell you to lay off those? You’re sure puttin those fries away.”
“Well I figure it’s vacation, why not cut loose. Live a little.” Max shrugged as he put another handful in his mouth.
“Whatever.” Jordan dismissed him with a flick of his wrist, “Ash, please tell these imbeciles that funnel cake is a singular word.”
“Just let him have this.” Ashley begged them, rolling her eyes at him.
“Jordan, the sign on the damn funnel cake stand says ‘Funnel Cakes’ as in, funnel space cakes. That means it’s two words. Funnel and cake.” Emily tried to explain. Jordan looked at the sign she was referring to and just kind of sighed.
“They told me hockey players were dumb, stupid even. But I said no, that’s just a myth.” Max chuckled and Jordan stuck his tongue out at him.
“Who needs brains when you’re me?” He asked overconfidently. Hugging Ashley with one arm and making a muscle with the other.
Geno chuckled, his arm around Emily, “Obviously not you.”

“Teeeek.” Lauren groaned, “Can’t you use your social status to jump us to the front of the line?”
“My social status?” Tyler laughed.
“Well, you know. Your being a famous hockey player and all. That should earn you some front of the line privileges.” She explained, holding his hand and swinging their arms back and forth as they stood in line for the mini coaster. “Right, Leah?”
“Yeah, what’s the use of hanging with you if we can’t take full advantage of your job?” She joked.
“Well that might work back home, but I don’t think Florida cares as much.” He shrugged, “Besides, this line isn’t even that long. We’ll get on next run fersure.”
“If you say so.” Lauren gave in, leaning against his chest as she waited. TK smiled, rubbing her arm and holding her close.
“I wish Max and me were like you too.” Leah sighed.
“Don’t be all pouty! He said he’d come hang with you a little later. You two will be an adorable couple in no time!” Laur insisted.
“You sure like him a lot don’t you?” Tyler asked, although it sounded more like a statement.
Leah nodded, “Yeah. I do.”
“Well he’d be stupid not to see how good you guys would be for each other. A guy like him needs a girl like you in his life.” He added honestly.
“You really think so?” She asked, a hint of a smile showing on her face.
TK nodded, “Yeah I really do.”

”No offence or anything, but being here with you isn’t exactly the same as it would be with her.” Kris sighed, looking at his feet as he and Philippe walked around aimlessly.
Bouch chuckled, “I wouldn’t expect it to be.”
Kris just shrugged and kept on walking. Until Philippe stopped him, putting his hand on his shoulder and making him look up at him.
”Listen, I know you want to be with her. But ya just can’t be right now. So quit moping around and at least try to have a little fun.” Boucher told him seriously. Kris nodded, feeling a bit bad that he was complaining so much.
Bouch was right. He should at least attempt to enjoy himself, rather than be upset about something that he can’t do anything about right now and write himself out before he could even try.
”What should we do then?” Kris asked him.
”Well, what do you want to do? Anything you want. Just pick something.”
Kris looked around at the people and places surrounding them. There were stands offering random souvenirs, kids carrying around balloons, small shops selling things, and plenty more. But the one thing that caught his eye was the neon orange sign in one of the shop windows. He wanted to be impulsive. That’s the only way he’d get anything done. Too much thinking about things usually resulted in backing out or changing his mind. So he decided not to think anymore, not tonight. He was just going to do.


    dude so great, so great. hahah.
    ok i bet kris is gonna go get his tounge pierced! or a tattoo (; orrr it says gents club.. if ya know what im sayin. hahaha eww.
    dude teek's so sweet:) see he knows whats up, max needing her and all. yeah thats my man(: hahah, “Can’t you use your social status to jump us to the front of the line?”
    that made me giggle. there were too many parts to put here that made me LOL.
    lovin it em!
    p.s. jordy's a dumb ass(;

  2. hmm. what's the tattoo gonna look like? haha. oh Kris. I feel so bad for him.

  3. Awwww the beginning was a adorable, thanks for that nice thought in the morning ;)

    Hahahhaha Jordyn is a dumbass...