Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chapter Thirty;

Day Eight ;

Morning came early, much too early. Emily awoke to the sound of a hairdryer blowing at its full power from the other side of the bathroom door. She sat up in her bed, feeling like she had been punched in the stomach. She rubbed her eyes and pushed the covers off of her legs, getting ready to get up despite the ache in her gut that told her not to.
“Ashley.” Emily said to her sleeping friend, her voice sounding tired.
Ashley didn’t even flinch. She was laying face down on her bed, her head tilted just enough to give her room to breathe. She was still wearing the outfit she wore to the beach the night before and wasn’t even under the covers. It was apparent that she wasn’t planning on waking up any time soon.
“Ashley!” Emily tried again, this time tossing a pillow her way to help. It landed on her back and interrupted her sleeping. She moved but didn’t awaken, mumbling something to herself subconsciously. Emily tossed another pillow at her, not feeling up to getting off her own bed yet. This time the impact caused Ashley to open her eyes slowly, groaning as she did so.
“I don’t want to get up.” Ashley whined, shoving her face in her pillow.
“You think I do?” Em sighed. Going back to sleep sounded like the perfect idea in her mind, too, but she knew they’d have to meet up with the guys soon and they needed to get ready.
“I feel like I got hit by a truck.” Ashley complained as she made a weak attempt to sit up.
“How much did you drink?”
Ashley thought for a moment, “I don’t remember.”
“I’ll take that as a lot.” Emily smirked. Ashley just shrugged, running a hand through her hair as she yawned.
The door to the bathroom swung open and out walked Ashlen, smiling and ready for the day. She had on a cute, red Hollister cami, shorts, and a grin on her face that made it obvious she was having a good day already.
“Oh, good. You guys are up.” Ashlen said, “I was gonna wake you earlier, but I figured it’d be better to let you sleep a little longer. I’m gonna go meet up with Sid. He said him and some of the other guys were headed down to get some breakfast. You guys can come down when you’re ready.”
“Okay, thanks.” Emily replied, still sounding groggy.
“Late night, huh?” Ashlen smirked and Emily nodded. “I figured. You guys don’t look too good. No offence.”
“None taken. I don’t feel too good either.” Emily said, her hand on her forehead. She felt slightly nauseous and considerably tired. Looking to her left, she spotted Ashley passed out on her bed again. This time she was snoring.
Ashlen chuckled when she noticed her. “Alcohol does that to ya.” She stated with a laugh.
“Yeah.” Emily agreed, not bothering to mention that she hadn’t even had anything to drink.
“Well, I’ll leave you guys to get ready.” She smiled and slipped on a pair of brightly colored flip flops. “You want me to tell Geno you’ll be down soon?”
“Uh, yeah. Thanks.” Emily replied. The sound of Geno’s name made her sigh, bringing thoughts of the drama back into her head.
“No problem. See ya down there.” Ashlen waved and was on her way.
Emily took a deep breath and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. Despite her lack of alcohol consumption, she was feeling the aftereffects of having drank her fair share. Why she felt queasy, she was unsure. It was possible it was due to something she had eaten at the seafood restaurant the previous evening. That wouldn’t surprise her, she wasn’t the biggest fan of food from the ocean. Or maybe it was just from being out so late and running around so much. That could have made her sick. Then again it could be due to the lack of food in her system, which could easily be fixed by going down to get some breakfast.
Deciding upon the last explanation, she got up and headed towards the bathroom to take a quick shower. She left Ashley to rest a little longer. Sleep would be the best thing for her right now.

“Yo, Tanger? You almost done in there?” Philippe called, knocking on the hotel’s bathroom door. Kris barely heard him over the sound of the shower running, the hot water hitting his skin as he stood with his eyes closed.
Taking a nice, hot shower was something he liked to do to relax, and although he had pretty much just woken up, he was in desperate need of some relaxation time. His sleep was filled with dreams of Emily and now that he was awake, reality was setting in. She was still with Geno. And he was going to have to see them together and deal with it. It was hard enough knowing they were together when he wasn’t around, but watching them, seeing the way he touched and kissed her, was a whole other story. The only thing that gave him the hope to go on was the thing that was hurting him the most. He could see her face in his mind and hear her voice telling him she was in love with him. He knew she was sincere each time she had said it. And he wanted to hear her say it again. But all he could hear now was Boucher’s fist hitting against the door.
“Yeah, I’m coming.” He called out to silence him as he turned off the water. He shook his head to shake off some of the excess water from his dark, shaggy hair. He grabbed a towel off of the hook and wrapped it around his waist. Kris took a look in the mirror, his gloomy looking face staring back at him. He hadn’t bothered to shave or feel like doing anything special to improve his appearance. There wasn’t much of a point. Not until Monday, at least.

“Good morning, beautiful.” Sidney greeted Ashlen with a kiss when she made it down to the hotel’s restaurant. They had a breakfast buffet that was open to anyone staying there. About half of the team including Lauren and Leah were already down at it and eating.
Ash smiled, “It is a very good morning.”
“I’m glad you think so, too.” Sid put his arm around her. “You hungry?”
“Very.” Ashlen nodded. Sidney had waited for her before he ate anything himself, so he was in agreement.
The two of them got themselves some food and went to sit down at the table with Jordan, Tyler, Lauren, Leah, Geno, and Marc-Andre.
“There they are!” Marc smirked at the two of them playfully as they sat down.
“Here we are.” Sid responded, shooting him a funny look. Marc just laughed.
“Oh, Geno. Em said she’d be down soon.” Ashlen told Evgeni. He smiled.
“Okay, good.” He replied.
Jordan set down his mug of coffee. “What about my lady?”
“Well, she was still sleeping pretty soundly when I left. But I would assume she’ll come down when Emily does.” Ash told him.
“Was she alright?” Jordan asked.
“They both seemed a bit hung-over.”
“What were you guys even doing last night?” Tyler asked Jordan, who shrugged.
“Chillen. Partying it up. You know.” He replied with a smile.
“If you say so.” TK threw his hands up with a chuckle.
Lauren sighed, “I really don’t know how you guys got away with it. I was sure you’d end up getting caught.”
“Well, when you’re as awesome as the four of us are, you can accomplish a lot of things that people wouldn’t expect.” Jordan told her, smirking and trying to sound cool. “Right, Geno?”
“Yeah. Right.” He agreed.
Leah shook her head, noticing something that the rest of them had overlooked. “I wouldn’t be so sure.”


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